Human Rights Violations: Cameroon Soldiers Loot, Raze Houses In Bali

By Rosaline Obah

The Cameroon Military has continued to trample on the Rights of the civilian population especially those who are not engaging in any hostilities against them.

Last Thursday November 18,2021, the Palace of Ba Fomantum, a sub chief in Naaka Village along the Enugu-Ekok stretch of road, few kilometers away from the town of Bamenda was attacked by those eye witnesses say were Cameroon soldiers.

The palace was razed including many other houses around the area. Many traditional artifact were lost in the flames.

The Palace Of Ba Fomantum Set Ablaze By Soldiers

Many have been rendered homeless and and their only source of income extinguished.

A provision store and many homes were also looted and set ablaze.

All the cars that were there were set on fire, an eye witness told

A house and a Vehicle Put On Fire During The Raid

This was after separatist fighters ambushed a military convoy along that stretch and disappeared in to the bushes after a gun battle.

We learned from sources that some soldiers lost their lives while some of their vehicles were immobilized by the improvised explosive device (IED) that was used in the attack. We have not been able to independently confirmed this.

Pictures of vehicles with bullet holes have also been making the rounds on the social media.
"They selected the best houses, may be they think government constructed them for us. Their vehicles were destroyed, we saw how they were being pulled to town,"
one of the victims who opted for anonymity  said and added that,

"I have been to where many of these soldiers come from, they live in houses that are collapsing, they must be very surprised to see such beautiful houses in Bali reason why they burnt them," he said.
A lady in her 60s whose names we got as Nah Sobila who also witnessed the incident said,
"If not that we ran for our dear lives, we would have been killed, they were just shooting in the bushes. We don't even know if those that were in their farms survived, they just wanted to kill as many as possible,"

Article 3 of the Geneva Convention advocates for the humane treatment of all persons not engaging in hostilities during conflicts.

More Destructions Causes By The Mitary

This has been violated with impunity by the belligerrent forces fighting in the ongoing war troubling the North West and South West Regions of the country.

The Fon Bali is yet to make a statement on the destruction of the palace of one of his sub chiefs.

Photo Credit:WEB