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The Bamenda Pre-Season Solidarity Tournament Wasn't A Lap Of Luxury

By Raymond Dingana No one needs a soothsayer to be told that the maiden edition of the Bamenda Pre- Season Solidarity Tournamant organised at the St.Paul Field Mile 3 Nkwen was not a bed of roses. The hundreds who turned out to watch matches had to stand on their feet under the scorching heat of the sun for hours, inhaling the dust from the dust infested pitch. The players too had their own share of the dust and the poor nature of the playground. There were times that spectators and players lost sight of the ball and other activities on the pitch because the dust blinded them. Rangers FC of Bafut Playing Against Rainbow FC Of Bamenda However, the challenges did very little to detare lovers of the beautiful game from answering present to cheer their darling teams. The poor and dusty nature of the pitch could explain why during the finals of the tournament that was played over the weekend, calls for the Northwest region to have befitting stadiums intensified. Dusty Nature Of The Playgrou

ESSOKA Security Company Denies Links With Cameroon's Military General

By Raymond Dingana The management of ESSOKA Security Company has debunked information carried by some online news sites that a Major General in the Cameroon Army is the owner of the said security company. African intelligence, Actu Cameroun and Cameroon web reported that the Director of Presidential Security , Gen. Ivo Desancio Yenwo owns the company. Mr. Nsoh Joseph Of ESSOKA Security Company This has been refuted by the company in a press briefing in Bamenda, Saturday 19 February 2022 where it was indicated that the company has nothing in common with the top ranking military official. ESSOKA security company is owned by Mr. Nsoh Joseph (majority shareholder) and has no affiliation with the major general of the Cameroon military, indicates a press release dated 17 February 2022. ESSOKA Security Press Release Another information that is good for the trash cane as noted by ESSOKA security company is information that concerns the company and the British High Commission (BHC) to Cameroon

DDR Bamenda: VIMA Foundation Suggests New Name For Ex-Combatants

By Raymond Dingana The founder of Victory Marshal Ayafor Foundation (VIMA) has celebrated her birthday with ex fighters at the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Center, DDR Bamenda. During the celebrations that took place Tuesday February 15, 2022, Victory Marshal appreciated the ex fighters for droping their weapons and joining DDR and says they should now be called the "Golden Pillars of Cameroon." You are the golden pillars of tomorrow's Cameroon. You took the best decision to drop your weapons reason why i am here to celebrate my birthday with you. Being here doesn't mean life is over for you, you still have a brighter future ahead of you, says Victory Marshal. She also used the event to invite the ex-combatants to use the social media to call on their brothers and sisters to drop their weapons and stop fighting the state Victory Marshal Handing Over Gifts To The Senoir Prefect Of DDR Bamenda As to why she decided to celebrate her birthday with the ex

Bamenda Peace, Unity Match: NW Administration Bows To Lions Of DDR

By Raymond Dingana A football encounter baptized Peace and Unity Match between repentant separatist fighters at the Disarmament, Dimobilisation and Reintegration Center, DDR Bamenda and the Northwest administration has taken place in Bamenda, chief town of the Northwest region of Cameroon. The match which was part of activities to celebrate the 56th edition of the National Youth Day took place at the Military Station at Up Station. Lions Of DDR Celebrating Their Victory Over The Administration After The Peace and Unity Match Before the match, the feeling amongst the supporters of the opposing sides could only be compared to that of the Teranga Lions of Senegal and the Pharoas of Egypt before the finals of AFCON 2021 in Cameroon. Vuvuzelas and words of encouragement from supporters could be heard as they animated the atmosphere while both sides battle for supremacy. Suppoters Of Lions Of DDR With Their Vovuzelas Encouraging Their Team It was the Lions of DDR that opened score few minute

Mbengwi: Population Suffers As Separatist Fighters Commit Fatal Error

Raymond Dingana Circulations along the Bamenda Mbengwi Road in the troubled Northwest region of Cameroon has been grounded by Non State Armed Groups operating in that part of the region. The Tad market which was supposed to be held today has also been affected negatively as buyers are nowhere to be found due to transportion challenges. This follows an attack by government forces on a check point erected at C-ben along the Bamenda-Mbengwi road by the armed men. Bike Riders Ready To Take Off For Bamenda From The Mbon Park In Mbengwi One fighter was killed while the others disappeared in to bushes. This did not go down well with the armed group who decided to suspend movements on that road. The only way in and out of Mbengwi was through Bali. This did not last for long as using that stretch has also been made difficult.   After the people were forced to pay as much as 2500FCA as transport faire, they have been warned not to dare use it again. To many in Mbengwi, the population should  not