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Crime: Uniform Officer Allegedly Kills Girl Friend In Bamenda

By Raymond Dingana A young girl by name Nchinda Ophilia Gaife, a native of Oku in Bui Divison has died and accussing fingers are pointing at her boy friend, a soldier working in Bamenda, capital of the restive Northwest Region of Cameroon. The incident happened in the night of Saturday breaking Sunday June 26,2022 at the Blue Moon neighborhood, Bamenda I sub division. We gathered that Ophilia who had spent some time at a health facility in Bamenda because of ill health was asked by the father to return to the village because of the hash treatment the she was going through in the hand of the boy friend. That faithful Saturday, Ophilia went to get her belongings not knowing she was actually going to meet her end in the hands of her boy friend, the father of their child. Neighbors told us that they heard them arguing and that the argument ended when they heard a gun shot, He put the gun in the girl's mouth and pulled the trigger shattering her head. She died on the spot. His colleague

Elite 2 Championship: Foncha Street FC Beat Gazelle FA, Keep Hopes Alive

By Raymond Dingana A hat trick from Ibrahim Nsoyuri and one goal from the penalty spot by Cheson Loibinyo were just enough to punish Gazelle FA 4-1. Foncha Street's first two goals came in the first halve of the match counting for the 13 day of play of the Elite 2 Championship at the Bamenda University field. Foncha Street FC At The Bamenda University Field The win for Foncha Street which is third in a row means the team's hopes of staying in the league 2 Championship are still in tact thereby waving a good bye to relegation. For Gazelle, losing in Bamenda was not what they expected as their hopes of securing a league one ticket partly depended on a favourable outing in Bamenda. Gazelle FA At The Bamenda University Field A win in Bamenda would have placed Gazelle on a comfortable first position in group A currently in the hands of Lausanne FA with 26points. A win for Gazelle would have taken them to a 27 point lead. As it stands, Gazelle FA still have hopes of playing in the s

DDR Bamenda: Anglophone Crisis Ex-Fighters Request Primary School For Kids

   By Raymond Dingana Article 28 of the UNCRC says that children and young people have the right to education no matter who they are: regardless of race, gender or disability; if they're in detention, or if they're a refugee. This seems to have touched the soft spot of the Northwest Regional Coordinator of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Center, DDR Bamenda Kum Henry Ichu who have now requested for a primary school for the kids at the center. The plea was echored Friday July 17,2022 during the graduation ceremony of the first batch of Pre-Nursery and Nursery school kids who are all children of former separatist fighters at the center. Graduating Pupils At The DDR Center In Bamenda According to Kum Henry, the kids who have graduated from the Nursery school need to further their education reason why the DDR Center is in dire need of a primary school, Kum Henry Ichu, Northwest Regional Cordinator Of DDR Just like children elsewhere, those in this center also need

Anglophone Crisis: Missong-Menchum Massacre: Nine Lives Too Many

The Colbert Factor: 'As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods. They kill us for their sports.' Nothing can ever begin to explain the senseless killing of nine unarmed civilians on the night of June 1, 2022 in Missong, a village near Zhoa in Fungom Subdivision, Menchum Division of the North West Region, than the above declaration by Gloucester in Skakespeare's 'King Lear'. A statement from the spokesman of Cameroon's Ministry of Defense, Col. Atonfack Cyril, attributes the macabre incident to gross misjudgement by some four elements of Cameroon's elite forces who, fearing their colleaque might have fallen into wrong hands, launched a ferocious search and rescue party on that fateful day. The statement furthered that when the military came across some villagers who seemed uncooperative, (and fearing for their own lives), they disproportionately rained bullets on them. This resulted in nine deaths; four women, four men, and an 18- year old girl. A baby of 12

Brutal murder of CPDM militant in Jakiri: Must civilians march on May 20?

The Colbert Factor: Images of the lifeless body of one Lukong Francis, identified as a militant of the ruling CPDM Party, who marched last May 20, 2022, in Jakiri, Bui Division, North West of Cameroon, had since gone viral on social media. It has widely been reported suspected separatist fighters who had embargoed such celebrations in the 'disputed territories' of the  North West and South West Regions, carried out the act.  The part about it that still hungers an explanation, is the fact that his killers didn't only end at eliminating him but went further to drag the lifeless body along roadsides to the glare of cameras. The Rome Statutes on the rules of war (and especially the need to protect civilians) forbids any further tormenting of dead bodies during conflict. Since the morphing of the current conflict from bare-hand protests to weaponized killings, Jini Edward, Senior Pastor of the Nkwen Baptist Church, Bamenda, have been speaking of 'the sanctity of human blood

Culture: Villagers Rain "Stones" On New Fon Of Mankon

By Raymond Dingana One will think that the traditional rights of the Mankon people known as "stoning" a new Fon actually means raining stones on him but this is far from it. During the "Nikwi" which is the official mourning and naming of a new Fon, Tuesday June 7,2022, the population of Mankon village and beyond came out in their numbers to perform the traditional rights of "stoning" at the Fon which in essence is empowering him spiritually, physically among others. Mothers Of Mankon Mourning The Passing Away Of Their Fon Many ran behind the Fon just to make sure they performed the traditional rights which permits them to throw pebbles at him which also indicates that they have accepted him. After receiving much of it, the Fon like a Lion retreated to the inner chambers of the palace on top speed and as his subjects followed him with some crashing to the ground. The Nikwi was a rare moment for the population to savour what their parents, grand and great g