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North West Region: Why Thousands Of Pupils Are Without Birth Certificate

Joined Celebration Of 11 African Day Of Decentralization And 5th African Day Of Civil Status Registration In Bamenda By Raymond Dingana The North West Regional Chief of the National Bureau of Civil Status known in it's French acronym as BUNEC, Levi Fongen Neba says the current socio political crisis ravaging the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon is the reason why close to 60.320 (Sixty thousand, three hundred and twenty) Pupils are without birth certificates in the region.  BUNEC Regional Boss, Levi Fongen Neba Facing The Press After The Event The BUNEC boss for the region revealed the statistics Wednesday 10 August 2022 during the 11 African Day of Decentralization and Local Developement and the 5th African Day of Civil Status Registration in Bamenda. Sixty thousand, three hundred and sixty pupils are schooling without birth certificates. This situation is really disturbing and this is due to the fact that most of them fled their homes because of insecurity, Levi intimated. As a

Inside North West Region: Latest News from The Region, Season 14

  Compiled By Raymond Dingana Crowd Justice Send One To Premature Grave A suspected member of a gang that has been terrorizing inhabitants of Bamenda III in Nkwen and beyond has been beaten to death at Mbelem, a neighborhood in that sub division, North West Region of Cameroon. Reports say they were three in number when the population stormed their hideout when they were in a deep slumber. The door was forced opened and the three boys pulled out. One managed to escape while two were not that fortunate. One could not withstand the severe pain he got from the pounding and had to give up the ghost. The other was rescued by security forces while one managed to break away from the mob. Latest reports say the unresponsive body of the young man that was lying around fire wood junction at mile 6 Nkwen has been retrieved by family members. Mobile phones, computers and other items were discovered in their keeping. It is not clear if they were in possession of any weapon[s] or not. Suspected Sepa

Youth2Youth Cameroon Innitaites Mobile App To Offer Sexual, Reproductive Health Education To Youths

Dr. Jacqueline N. Fonkwo Aiding Youths On How To Navigate The NANG App By Raymond Dingana Youth 2 Youth Cameroon, a Youth Centered non governmental organization working in the North West Region of Cameroon has set in motion a digital application known as NANG to promote sex education and reproductive health among young persons in Bamenda and the North West Region as a whole. The aime of NANG is to render services like sexual and reproductive health education, free online chat with a medical doctor and geolocation services to locate a health facility near you. The mobile application which has been potrayed as the "game-changing solution for young people's sexual and reproductive health in Cameroon" was launched in Bamenda Saturday August 6,2022 during an event profoundly graced with the present of young people from different class. As pointed out by the main lead of Youth 2 Youth Cameroon, Dr. Jacqueline N. Fonkwo, one of the reason behind the project baptised NANG: the

Bamenda: Car Owners Stranded As Gasoline Pumps Run Dry

Empty Containers At A Filling Station At Veterinary Junction Waiting To Get Fuel By Raymond Dingana Car owners in Bamenda, chief town of the North West Region of Cameroon have been criss-crossing the town searching for gasoline as the number of those in need of the product outnumbers the quantity. As early as 7:am, Saturday August 6,2022, a filling station a Veterinary Junction in Bamenda was chock-full of many who cued up just to acquire the liquid gold. Vehicles Waiting To Get Their Tanks Filled With Fuel Those who could not drive their cars to the gas station because the tanks have gone dry had to carry containers from one part of the town to the other just as they used to do in the dry season when the water crisis is always at it's apex. Empty Containers At A Filling Station At Veterinary Junction In Bamenda Waiting To Be Filled With Gas oil There were not in search of water but diesel fuel to feed the tanks of their vehicles in order to be able to circulate. At the petrol stat

Major National Dialogue Recommendations: Follow-up Committee Appreciates Implementation Level

Family Photo Of PM And Follow-Up Committee Members After The Meeting In Yaounde By Raymond Dingana Members of the Follow-up committee of the implementation of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue have saluted the gradual return to peace in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Meeting at the star building, August 4, 2022 to take stalk of the progress made as far as the implementation of the recommendations of the Dialogue are concerned, 3 years after the major National Dialogue, the members all testified that despites all the odds, peace, love and harmony is returning to these regions hit by the crisis for close to six years today. Prime Minister Dion Ngute Chairing The Follow-up Committee Meeting Chairingthe follow-up committee meeting, the Prime minister and head of Government Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute in his address buttressed on the various areas that progress has been made since the holding of the Major national dialogue, highlighting that there are still

Inside North West Region: Latest News from The Region, Season 13

Compiled By Raymond Dingana   Anglophone Crisis: Government Forces Pounce On Armed Men In North West Region Government forces in the North West Region of Cameroon say they have scored big against suspected separatist fighters in the region. More than 10 were killed over the weekend, a source in the military said backing it with images he said are from Baribo. Two were neutralized in Bambui in the early hours of Sunday July 31,2022. Thanks to a placard placed behind their corpses at the Bambui four corners in Tubah Sub Division where they were dumped, we could get their names as Gen. Rasta and Col. John. It was the same fate about ten others suffered in Ewai village Batibo. They were killed and about ten weapons and a good number of ammunitions recovered. We also gathered that the  fighters were killed in seriouse battles when government forces launched an offensive on one of their camps in that part of the region. We have not been able to confirm reports from the non state armed