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March 12 Senatorial Elections: CPDM Voters Show Love For SDF, Vote Against Own Party

2nd Deputy  Mayor Of Bamenda City Council, Afung Lucas Ngu After Vote Counts In Mezam By Raymond Dingana The political ideology that has been in the market of political ideas put there by the Social Democratic Front, SDF has continued to act as a magnetic force pulling members of other political parties in Cameroon.  This was seen during the voting exercise of the Senatorial Elections of March 12,2023 when the SDF got more than the number of votes that they were expecting. With 28 councillors out of the more than 1000 Regional and Municipal councillors in the North West Region of Cameroon, many thought the party was going to have 28 votes or even less. It however came to pass that some councillors of the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM voted the SDF taking the number to 40 ballots cast for the SDF.  This explains why the First Deputy Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Afung Lucas Ngu says it was a great victory for the SDF, The language is clear. The message is clear

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