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Ndichia Foundation Targets Orphans At Magdalene Home Care Centre In Education For All Campaign

     Motherless Babies At Magdalene Home Care Centre Akum  By Raymond Dingana  In her quest to ensure every child gets educated, Ndichia Foundation was at  Magdalene Home Care Centre Akum, Bamenda with didactics to aid the continuous education of orphans and Persons with Disabilities PWDs in the centre.  Magdalene Home care Center Akum in her 14th year of existence is a Presbyterian Orphanage with children between ages of 0- 21 years from different backgrounds. The Cameroon Community of Saint John South Africa, a group of Cameroonians living in Johannesburg , South Africa who are united in faith, love and service to the people contributed the items to Ndichia Foundation as a way to boost her efforts. In 2020, during COVID - 19, the Cameroon Community of Saint John supported the elderly people in Njinikom with food items. Ndichia Foundation was heart broken when they met a baby just a day old at the orphanage abandoned by an unknown parent at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda. Orphans At

PEARL Foundation Bonds With Female Lawyers, Others Against Widows' Rights Violations

Participants At The Workshop Organized By Pearl Foundation By Raymond Dingana Widows in Cameroon have continued to pay the price for the death of their spouses, and the trampling on widows' rights and other vulnerable women has reached crescendo, PEARL Foundation has confirmed to drayinfos. Many have seen their husband's properties confiscated by relatives leaving them with nothing to survive on. Some have been denied access to their children thereby constituting a violation to the Maputo Protocol which is out to uphold women's rights. This explains why PEAR Foundation, a not for profit organization based in Bamenda with inspiration from the Maputo Protocol is out to combat the phenomenon. To better prepare for the offensive against the violation of widow's and women's rights, PEARL Foundation with the backing of Brot für die Welt organized a one-day capacity building workshop in Bamenda for Widow's, Indigenous women like the Mbororos, Civil Society Org

Operation Education For All:Ndichia Foundation Brings Hope To Needy In Njinikom

Recipients In All Smiles After Benefiting From Ndichia Foundation's Magnanimity   By Raymond Dingana  Nawain Nain Ndang Angeline, widow of the founder of Ndichia Foundation has made donations to some children in Njinikom, Boyo Division, North West Region of Cameroon recently. The beneficiaries received didactics to persuade them stay in school given that many are already dropping out because of lack of school needs, reason why the donor stepped on to arrest the situation.  During the event that happened in Njinikom recently, the recipients were also treated to a small talk on where the donation was coming from, the importance of education and the history of Ndichia Foundation. Nawain Nain Ndang Angeline With Some Of The Recipients   According to the donor, Nawain Nain Angeline, she expects a lot form the kids.  “We expect them to use these material to study well, have a future and succeed in life” She said. The recipients expressed gratitude to Ndichia Foundation for their love and

Sen. Enwe Francis Condemns Public Execution Of Civilians, Supports Peaceful Resolution Of Conflict

  By Raymond Dingana The dust raised by the recent public execution of two civilians at the Guzang Market Square in Batibo, Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, Wednesday October 4th, 2023 is yet to settle. Guzang is a village in the Anglophone North West Region of Cameroon, one of the hardest hit areas in the Anglophone arm conflict. Senator Enwe Francis has vehemently condemned the death sentence on Mbahnyamsig Hansel Ndi, brother to the Fon of Guzang and Aburo Cletus Njohgo, a petit trader at the Guzang Market who were shot and killed (execution style) by arm separatists in Guzang. Copy Of Senator Enwe's Reaction To The Killings In Guzang Reacting to the incident,  Senator Enwe said,  "I am disturbed and shocked from the graphic, inhuman and lunatic public execution carried out by an armed rebel group which led to the death of two innocent and responsible Cameroonians in Guzang, Batibo." " I am warning of the abuse of International instruments like