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Constant Power Blackout: Hon. Agho Oliver Rescues I D Card Applicants In Tubah.

The constants power cut in Bambili and Tubah sub division as a whole has further compounded the already complicated procedure in the issuance of National Identity Cards. In a bid to salvage the situation, Hon. Agho Oliver of Bafut-Tubah Constituency donated a 4000kilowatts Generator to the Bambili Public Security Police Station on Monday July 20, 2020 where ID cards are issued. “I was passing one day around the police and I saw a crowd outside the police station. When i tried to find out, i was told they were there to establish I D cards. It is abnormal that, people will spend weeks to establish the document because of unstable electricity supply. Students need this document to go in for competitive entrance examinations and many others. This is why I decided to donate this 4000Kilowatts generator to help salvage the situation” . Hon. Agho told DrayInfos. Hon. Agho Oliver Handing Over The Generator To The Tubah Administration. According to the Divisional Officer for Tubah, Alim Gar

Inside North West Region On DrayInfos, Season Four.

By Raymond Dingana Woman Butchered To Death In Mbengwi. Commercial biker dies because of 500Fcfa. Vehicle Belonging To Humanitarian Agency Kills Three. Journalists Almost Beat Up Driver Who Knocked Down Three Persons. Man’s Head Shattered By A Sex Worker. Fire Consumes Five Shops In Bamenda.  B’da II D O Enjoins To Stamp Out Torture, Threatening Of Persons. Brewery Truck roasted In Santa. Armed men seized Vehicle belonging to mobile communication company.     Murder:  Mbengwi Council Accountant Butchered To Death. S ecurity officials in Mbengwi, Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon are investigating the murder of Enjoh Irene, who was an accountant at the Mbengwi council. She was butchered to death at her Mbengwi G.R.A residence on the night of Sunday breaking Monday by unidentified individuals. According to Mbengwi online, the husband of the deceased has been taken for questioning given that, they have been having some marital

Inside North West Region On DrayInfos; Season Three.

By Raymond Dingana Police Officer Attempts Undressing A Pregnant woman. Man Killed By Unidentified Gun Men. Beneficiaries Of PPRD Hide In Bushes As Soldiers Raid Village. Catholic Boarding Schools In Bamenda Hit By Corona Virus. 'Kwifor' To Go After Defaulters Of Anti-Covid-19 Measures In Nkwen.   Pregnant Woman Almost Stripped Naked By Police Officer. A   Pregnant woman on board a township taxi is said to have almost seen her dress pulled off from her body by a police officer at Ngeng’s Junction in Bamenda, capital of the NWR of Cameroon. Talking to DrayInfos recently, an eye witness who was on board the same taxi said, it was all because of the face mask: “ We were in a taxi when we got to Ngeng’s Junction where the police were controlling car documents and others. There was a woman in the taxi without her face mask on. When asked why she was not wearing it, she said she was pregnant and had just removed it to be able to have some fresh ai