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Bamenda II DO Not Comfortable With Creation Of Cemeteries As Source Of Revenue For Council

Bamenda II DO Addressing Councillors Of Bamenda II  By Raymond Dingana  The Divisional Officer for Bamenda II, Nicolas Nkongho Manchang has said the idea to create a Bamenda II Council burial ground is  not an initiative that he can buy.  During the Bamenda II Council's Administrative Account Session that took place on Thursday May 25,2023, the creation of a council cemetery was brought forth as a means to create revenue for the municipality. The idea that was midwived by a report presented by the Wellfare Committee during the council session was not bought by the Divisional Officer.  Creating burial grounds gives the impression that  we are praying for people to die. The Social and wellfare committee should instead invest in life saving projects and curb the rate at which people die and not prapering a place to bury them when they die,  said manchang. Revenue collection has been a serious issue for the Bamenda II council with the situation worsened by the council's inability t

WorldRemit Survey Identifies Migrant Challenges Behind Celebrating Mother’s Day on Different Dates Globally

Yaounde, May 28, 2023 – A new survey from WorldRemit, a leading digital remittances company within the Zepz Group, has found that 44% of migrants wish that Mother’s Day was celebrated on the same day around the world - pointing to the cultural difficulties faced by those who live in a different country to their mother. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates across the world, ranging from the second Sunday of February in Norway to the 15th of October in Malawi. The multi-country survey was conducted in February with 3,000 participants, with a focus on understanding how migrants celebrate their relationship with their mothers.                  Mother’s Day Timings  The most popular dates for Mother’s Day celebrations are the fourth week of Lent in March (such as in the United Kingdom and Nigeria) and the second Sunday in May (such as in the United States of America, South Africa, and Australia). In Cameroon however, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May.  The survey

PM Dion Ngute Sends Inspiring Message To SW Population To Champion Local Development

  Minister  Director of  Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Officer,  Balungeli  Ebune Confiance By Raymond Dingana The Minister  Director of  Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Officer,  Balungeli  Ebune Confiance  has under the directives of the  Prime Minister, Head of  Government,  Chief  Dr. Joseph Dioon Ngute, challenged the population of the South West Region(SWR) to make the Head of State’s peace Call a reality every passing day. This was the  highpoint of the  South West Peace and  Development  Forum which took place from  Friday May 12 to 13  at the  Buea Mountain Hotel. The forum took place under the theme:  “South West, Our Region, Our Challenge, Our Common Identity”.               Call For Continous Work For peace The Prime Minister’s representative asked the people to remain resilient in working for peace and development.  They  came and they are determined that they will sit and see how Peace normalized in this Region, Ebune Confiance said, adding that the  South West Region 

Mirror Entertainment Graduates First Batch Of Trainees,Invites Parents,Others To Support Them

Graduates(Middle) Nfor Abdurahaman(right)Bakah Derick, (left)   By Raymond Dingana As the Media and Entertainment World continue to evolve, Mirror Entertainment is one of those institutions making sure no one is left behind by arming them with the necessary skills to be on the same lane with the fast changing world. Situated at Ghana Street,Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon,the establishment recently graduated its first set of trainees after two years of intensed schooling. During the Certificate Presentation to the students, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mirror Entertainment, Nfor Abdurahaman invited parents of the trainees not to abandon them, As they come home with these skills, we encourage you to support them by acquiring equipment that will permit them integrate the industry,  said Abdurahaman. Nfor Abdurahaman, CEO, Mirror Entertainment  To the fresh professionals in the EntertainmentIndustry, Abdurahaman encouraged them to continue acquiring new skills, As you embar

Gwain Colbert Dedicates Best Content Creator Award To Anglophone Crisis Victims

  Colbert Gwain's Award For Best Content Creator From The Herald Tribune By Raymond Dingana The brain behind The Colbert Factor, a platform that generates and shares content geared towards finding solutions to both national and international challenges amongst others has bestowed his award from The Herald Tribune 2022 Excellence Award  to sufferers of the arm conflict ravaging lives in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Gwain Colbert received the trophy Saturday April 29, 2023 for his  consistent and incisive write-ups (The Colbert Factor) that have contributed towards social cohesion and nation building. Gwain Colbert Holding His Award  Haven generated content on Human Rights abuses in the Anglophone arm conflict and why the Rights of civilians should be protected, Gwain Colbert decided to dedicate the award to victims of the crisis.  Our streets have continued to be painted with blood of victims of the Anglophone Crisis so I am dedicating this award to those who have