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Unbearable Pain Hits Bamenda Traders As Wild Flames Engulf Main Market

  Shops At Bamenda Main Market Burning   By Raymond Dingana  Bamenda -Thursday February 22,2024, The Bamenda Commercial Avenue was busy at some minutes after 5pm when huge flames from a shop at the Bamenda Main Market started spreading to other stalls. The incident left victims devastated as some stood helpless, watching how their shops burn. Hundreds tried rescuing what they could as the flames moved from one shop to the other, consuming businesses. On roof tops were seen some courageous young men tearing off roofing sheets with bare hands all in a bid to cut the fire from spreading. Persons On Roof Tops Trying To Prevent Fire From Escalating They stood there like soldiers in a battle field constituting a defense wall against the enemy. One guy, holding a small water pipe struggled to contain the fire, as sounds resembling that of an explosive are heard from inside the market. "Na oil, and whisky di explode so,"  an onlooker said explaining that the sounds that were emanatin

Increase In Fuel Prices: Bamenda Transporters Not Bothered, Say Passengers Would Pay Dearly

     Dusty Bamenda Looking More Like A Forgotten Town By Raymond Dingana For the past seven years now, and counting, the population of Bamenda and its environs, in the crisis battered North West Region of Cameroon has been grappling with one challenge or the other. Bamenda is one place in Cameroon where people move on the streets talking to themselves, making one to think they are having a sole proprietor meeting, whereas its life peppering them. Bad roads, epileptic electricity supply, kidnapping for ransom, harassments at security checkpoints, just to name but these are some of the difficulties steering the population in the face on a daily basis. Just when the people were coming to terms with the above mentioned challenges, the government landed another bomb shell, the hyke in fuel pump prices, which is threatening to tear communities apart. Instead of drivers struggling to see how they can seduce government see in their situation in Bamenda, and perhaps reduce some of the documents

Bamenda: Gendarmes Capture Suspected Kidnapper Following Exchange Fire

Photo Of  Part Of Bamenda Used For Illustration  By Raymond Dingana On  Wednesday February 14th, 2024, Gendarmerie Officials  in Mile 4 Nkwen, Bamenda III Sub Division, North West Region of Cameroon captured at least one suspected kidnapper at Mbessi, a quarter in Mile 4, Bamenda III Sub Division, North West Region of Cameroon. He was among a group of armed men who who abducted a lady around the Mile 5 neighborhood in Nkwen and were taking her to Nforya Bafut when they were intercepted by security officers. Unfortunately for them, security officers got wind of the situation, and swung in to action. Sources on the ground indicate that the soldiers came face to face with the suspects at Mbessi, and after an exchange of gunfire, one suspect was captured, a source told It's not clear if injuries or casualties were record on both sides or not. An eye witness who only wanted to be known as Numfor said: " We only heard gunshots and later on we heard the boys kidnapped a

President Biden Honours Prof. Mbarika With Livetime Achievement Award

ICT Founder, Prof. Mbarika(R), And US President, Joe Bide(L) By Raymond Dingana  US President, Joe Biden has bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award on Greenville NC,-East Carolina University Professor, and  founder of ICT University, Prof. Victor Mbarika. The rare recognition is reserved for those who have a lifetime of services to humanity. Receiving the Award, the recipient said:  “I am extremely honored and humbled to be presented with this distinguished award by the president. I have worked hard to devote my life and career to highlighting and supporting global initiatives that have helped to lift those in poverty. It is my continuing vision to highlight these programs and bring them into the public consciousness.” The award is accorded by US president to individuals who donate more than 4,000 hours of service in their lifetime. Along with the ultimate honour of presidential recognition, recipients receive a personalized certificate, an official pin, medallion or coin and a congra

CANAMEDCAM Members Strategize To Save Medicinal Plants From Extinction

CANAMEDCAM Exco Members In A Family Photo  By Raymond Dingana  Members of Commonwealth Association of Natural Medicine Cameroon, CANAMEDCAM have resolved amongst others to save natural medicinal plants from extinction in the nearest future. They decried the abusive manner in which these life saving plants are being harvested with very little effort applied to replant them, and ensure that they serve future generations. This was one of the decisions taken during the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of CANAMEDCAM that held in Bamenda, Sunday February 4 2024. " We have come to realize that medicinal plants are being harvested just anyhow without replanting. If things continue like this, we would not have these healing plants in future. To prevent them from disappearing for good, we are encouraging those envolved in this sector to endeavor to replant them even in our compounds, and not only in the forest,"  said Ngwang Happy-Sylvie Kilaa Tatah,Vice National President, C

How Heavy Gunshots Caused Death Of Twin Babies In Bamenda

Picture Of Bamenda Used For Illustration  By Raymond Dingana Heavy gunshots that animated the town of Bamenda recently caused a pregnant woman to lose her twin babies in what family sources say were premature births. It was on the night of last Saturday breaking Sunday, that this woman went in to labor pain after a stressful day at the Meta Quarter neighborhood in Bamenda, crisis battered North West Region of Cameroon. Unfortunately for her, she could not be taken to the hospital because of deafening gunshots. With the help of neighbors, the first child was delivered at home but could not make it, while the second child stayed in the womb and was only removed after the lady finally made it to the hospital hours later. According to Makatinews, the woman was fortunate as medics were able to rescue her from the waiting hands of death after they had removed the second baby, already dead. Many of such cases have gone unreported and many more still continues to happen, all because of the Ang