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Combatting NCDs: Health Personnel Lead By Example, Use Sports To Arrest Diseases

  BRH FC By Raymond Dingana Health officials have always prescribed sporting activities as one of the ways to put Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) under check. This explains why a football encounter to raise awareness on the silent killers (NCDs) took place between the Football Clubs of  health personnel of the Bamenda Regional Hospitals (BRH FC) and those of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS FC) on Saturday June 24th all in a bid to sound the alarm bell that NCDs are still around. As pointed out by both team presidents, Mr.Ngunjuah Franklen and Dr. Eldren of BRH FC and CBCHS FC respectively, it was an opportunity to communicate healthily through sports and enjoy the camaraderie that exist between the two health institutions. The good collaboration we have in healthcare provision in the region cannot be seen just within the hospital premises. We decided to take it out of that space to talk it professionally on football pitch, said the president of the CBCHS FC, Dr.E

ESU Community Rejects Menchum SDO’s Calls For Applications To Occupy Vacant Stool

  At The Press Conference In Douala The Esu Community has frantically rejected the Menchum Divisional officer’s press release requesting that persons interested to occupy the vacant Esu Kingdom throne forward their application files to him. ESU community made up of the Youths, Chiefs, the Clergy, lawyers, teachers and the civil society vented their wrath against the Menchum SDO’s release Saturday during a press conference in Douala. The Menchum Prefect, Abdoullahi Alliou, siting law number 77/245 of 15th July 1977, had on the 8th of June released a document requesting that persons interested  to become the King of ESU submit letters of application to him from which he will appoint a king to sit on the vacant  throne in the Kingdom of ESU. Rev. Dr. MIH Clement KUM, chairman of the ESU Cultural and Development  Association Caretaker committee lambasted Menchum SDO for making such a reckless, dull and unwitty request. He intimidated that the Prefect’s press release  goes against the

PPRD: Implementing Partner Advertises Tenders For Solar Powered Boreholes Construction,Others

By Raymond Dingana The Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development PPRD of the North West, South West and Far North regions of Cameroon through its implementing partner, United Nations Development Program, UNDP has sent out tenders for the construction of Solar Powered Boreholes and Water Towers in three council areas. The information that was released recently is targeting local contractors to construct Solar Powered Boreholds and Water Towers in Eyumojock, Konye and Nguti Councils areas. PPRD through its implementing partner, UNDP has also taken the tendering process to local communities. +237 676238865(WhatsApp only)