Nollywood Star, Sylvester Madu's Visit To Bamenda Triggers Blood Flow


Sylvester Madu After The Incident 

By Raymond Dingana

Several persons have been confirmed dead and many others seriously wounded after gunmen opened fire at a popular drinking spot at the Mile 3 neighborhood in the crisis battered Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The wounded were rushed to the Nkwen District Hospital in the Bamenda III Council area other hospitals around after the incident. 

Reports say the incident that happened on Saturday at about 1opm in Nkwen breaking Sunday November 25 is said to have been triggered by by the presence of popular Nigerian Movie Star, Sylvester Madu, AKA Shina Rambo in a snack bar in that area.

" This is not the time to visit Bamenda. We are at war, and you are coming here to act a movie?"

narrates a witness who said he could hear the armed men shouting.

Amongst those confirmed dead is 18 year old Sandra, a secondary school student in Bamenda.

"She went out with friends to see the Nigerian actor, Madu not knowing she was never coming back again as her life was cut short. She was hit by a bullet and she died on the spot,"

 said a neighbor.

Sylvester Madu is in Bamenda to shoot a movie titled ABAKWA, and also take part in a sensitization campaign against drug consumption.

Sylvester Madu's Arrival In Bamenda Town

Unfortunately, lives have been lost and many are blaming the organizers of the event (DAMA FILMS) for not taking the necessary security measures which to them would have preserved lives.

Population Blasts Attackers For Spilling The Blood Of Theirs

Though no group(s) has claimed responsibility, the population has accused suspected separatist fighters for killing their own.

"Those that died are their brothers and sisters. Why attack a place where unarmed civilians have gathered to catch some fun, why kill your own? There is no justification for what they have done. This is disheartening," 

laments a nurse who attended to some of the victims.

The Anglophone Crisis has been dragging on now for 7 years now with very little sign that it will end anytime soon.

Thousands have died, thousands more displaced both in and out of the country.

Society watchers have on several occasions advised the population to take personal security measures in order to stay safe and avoid outings that might be detrimental to their very own existence.

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