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Anglophone Crisis: CAWOPEM Supports Kedjom Keku Kidnapped Women With Relief Aid

  Family Photo With CAWOPEM And Female Survivors In Kedjom Keku (Big Babanki) By Raymond Dingana  It was a huge smile that suddenly appeared on the faces of survivors of the recent separatists cruelty on women in Kedjom Keku (Big Babanki), when members of the Cameroon Women Peace Movement, CAWOPEM arrived the crisis hit village in the North West Region of Cameroon. The atmosphere in Kedjom Keku was not as it were before the recent happenings that saw a huge number of soldiers deployed to the village after the women were molested by armed men. Many have fled, explaining the scanty nature of the village. Members of CAWOPEM were there to provide Medical and Psychosocial Support to those they christened, Mothers of Big Babanki. At the village community hall in the Fon's Palace, they were exposed to talking therapy, giving them an opportunity to express how they felt during and after what they went through. This exercise was managed by Boyo Maurine, a Counselor who said it was a healing

Ndichia Foundation Simplifies Back To School For Over 200 Orphans, PWDs, IDPs

By Raymond Dingana and Ngong Song Jean Marie Ndichia Foundation has facilitates back to school to over 200  Primary and Secondary School children, mostly orphans persons with disabilities with didactic material ahead of the 2022/2023 academic year. The kids received back to school kits comprising books, pens, pencils, rulers and sharpeners that will help prepare them for the start of the school year This was Tuesday August 8, 2023 during a back to school campaign that brought together children from Ntankah, Ntamulung and Mulang who have been displaced by the Anglophone crisis from the seven divisions of the North West Region of Cameroon. Speaking at the St. Edmund’s Catholic Church Mulang where the donation took place,  Rev.Father Anthony Ndang said Rev Fr Anthony Ndang, representative of Ndichia Foundation appreciated the donors and partners for their love and generosity to children who can now look forward to a new academic year with hope. Fr. Ndang invited the children to study har

Resolving Anglophone Crisis: PM Dion Ngute Enjoins Sepatatists To Down Arms

PM Dion Ngute Facing The Press In Buea By Raymond Dingana At a time when the Anglophone Crisis continues to destroy lives and properties in the North West [NW] and South West [SW] Regions of Cameroon, how to end the impasse has been top on the agenda of persons of good will. During his visit to Buea, South West Region of Cameroon, Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute invited Separatist fighters still engaged in the war to create a country they call Ambazonia to follow the example of some of their former brothers in arms, and drop their weapons.  Joseph Dion Ngute made the call in Buea on August 12, where he presided over the 5th Committee Meeting on the follow-up of recommendations of the Major National Dialogue which focused on developing a new approach to pursue in order to revive the NW and SW regions economically.  In this light, the PM said separatist fighters who are still actively fighting against government forces, should follow the example of those who have dropped their

Major National Dialogue Recommendations: Economic Stimulation,Top On Follow-Up Committee's Priorities

MND Committee Members At Their 5th Session In Buea By Raymond Dingana The Committee for the Follow-Up of the Implementation of Recommendations of the Major National Dialogue, MND, has embraced   renewed  strategies to ease economic  recovery  of the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. The resolutions were adopted in Buea, Friday August 11,2023 during the 5th session of the committee chaired by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute. A total of 12 resolutions were adopted by members of the committee to further enhance the peace process and the return of normalcy in the North West and South West regions. PM Dion Ngute Facing The Press In Buea Among the measures, is a call to intensify the effective the implementation of economic recovery measures to consolidate the considerable progress already registered in the agro-industrial sector. They also resolved to engage community-based approaches in the identification studies, award and execution of pro

Gov.Okalia Bilai Asked Separatists, 'What Have You Gained Since You Started Killing?'

    Caskets With Remains Of Victims   By Raymond Dingana The Governor of the South West Region of Cameroon has asked Separatists fighters to say what they have gained ever since they started killing their own. Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai put forward the question at the Centenary Stadium in Limbe, Wednesday August 9,2023 during the public funeral organized in honor of the five Delegates from Ndian who were kidnapped, killed and buried by those government sources say were separatist fighters. These are trophies of separatists. What have they gain since they started killing and destroying their own? It is ironical that those who were pretending to be fighting to protect the lives of their people have demonstrated several times and have done it again today that they are simply criminals holding he population of the South West  Region hostage, indicated the governor.  Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai also said President Paul Biya has taken every necessary measures to solve the problems that