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Covid-19: Alim Hayatou Visits NW, Calls For Synergy To Fight Pandemic.

By Raymond Dingana The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health in charge of Epidemics and Pandemics has prescribed a combined action of both the authorities and the local population to root out the corona virus pandemic from the North West Region of Cameroon. Mr. Alim Hayatou made the call Friday May 15, 2020 during his visit to the region to assess the regional responds plan put in place by authorities of the region to check the spread of the corona virus pandemic. “ The corona virus pandemic is a humanitarian problem affecting not only Cameroon but the whole word. The corona virus has come to remind us that we are all humans; we breathe the same air, a child in Bamenda and the one in New York are facing the same risk reasons why we need a synergy to beat the virus ” . Mr. Alim Hayatou said. Alim Hayatou In A Working Session With Stake Holders In Bamenda. During the visit, Mr. Alim Hayatou visited the covid-19 screening post at Matazem Santa, the covid

Covid-19 Battle: Persons With Disabilities Call For Inclusion.

By Raymond Dingana Persons with Disabilities in Bamenda say, the fight against covid-19 is not inclusive reasons why they have been facing a lot of difficulties .Speaking to DrayInfos recently, the North West Regional President of the Coordinating Unit of the Associations of Persons with Disabilities, Mr. Fru Chick Sama said, one of the challenges has to do with communication. “ Most of the communication is done without considering the needs of persons with disabilities. For instance, those who have hearing impairment will hardly understand the massage the radio and TV stations are sending out. This is to say that, we need a lot of sign language considerations. A lot of paper work is done on covid-19 prevention but this is hardly considering the needs of persons with visually impairment. Two weeks ago, I called the toll free number, 1510 indicating them, some persons also need to communicate to them using text messages but this service is not open to text messages especially by

Covid-19 Battle: Mayor Of Nkor Appeals To 'Amba' Fighters To Join Fight.

By Raymond Dingana The Mayor of Nkor Council, Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus has made a clarion appeal to pro independence fighters operating in his area to rather join the fight against Covid-19 than trying to disrupt it. Mayor Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus was speaking to DrayInfos , Friday May 08, 2020. “ Covid -19 is real, it has killed a lot of people reasons why all of us must fight as one man if the pandemic must be defeated. My appeal to the armed fighters is for them to join in the fight against Covid-19 because the virus is non respecter of persons. It can attack just any one irrespective of your position in life. When I purchased some anti covid-19 kits and was taken them to Noni, we were stopped along the way and our vehicle was searched. They saw the hand sanitizers and collected theirs, a clear indication that, some have understood the fact that, covid-19 is a common enemy which must be dealt with” . Mayor Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus said. Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus Of Nko

Covid-1 9: Senator Nkeze Emilia Donates Kits To Persons With Special Needs.

By Raymond Dingana The SDF senator from Momo Division in the North West Region of Cameroon who doubles as the Vice President of the Senate has donated anti covid-19 kits to people with special needs and other categories of persons. The items made up of more than one hundred Bucket Taps of 50liters each, Hand Sanitizers, Cartons of Soap, and One thousand face masks were handed over to the beneficiaries on Thursday May 7, 2020 at the Ntamulung Multi-purpose hall in Bamenda. There was also a special package destined for the Health Family made up Gloves and twenty cups of chloroquine with each cup containing sixty tablets all in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19. “One of the targeted groups is people with special needs. This is because, if they say, on your mark, get set, go, people like you and me will rush and collect but will not be the case with them which means they may end up not benefiting. The ladies at the foul line at the food market are also targeted because; that area is