Sen. Enwe Francis Condemns Public Execution Of Civilians, Supports Peaceful Resolution Of Conflict


By Raymond Dingana

The dust raised by the recent public execution of two civilians at the Guzang Market Square in Batibo, Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, Wednesday October 4th, 2023 is yet to settle.

Guzang is a village in the Anglophone North West Region of Cameroon, one of the hardest hit areas in the Anglophone arm conflict.

Senator Enwe Francis has vehemently condemned the death sentence on Mbahnyamsig Hansel Ndi, brother to the Fon of Guzang and Aburo Cletus Njohgo, a petit trader at the Guzang Market who were shot and killed (execution style) by arm separatists in Guzang.

Copy Of Senator Enwe's Reaction To The Killings In Guzang

Reacting to the incident,  Senator Enwe said, 

"I am disturbed and shocked from the graphic, inhuman and lunatic public execution carried out by an armed rebel group which led to the death of two innocent and responsible Cameroonians in Guzang, Batibo."

" I am warning of the abuse of International instruments like the Rome Treaty , the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and other international instruments that states clearly that no one can use the excuse of violence, conflict or war to be executing the other," 

the Senator said.

He also stated that war is not an excuse to kill, 

"There is no reason for such macabre act. It's unacceptable and criminal, the international community should take note of the perpetrators and leaders of this terrorist group."

The public execution was watched by hundreds of civilians who could be heard in the video of the act that went viral screaming in shock and disbelief at the top of their voices as bullets pierced the bodies of the victims.

Senator Enwe says he is disturbed of the traumatic consequences the killing that was done in public would have on the already  traumatized population especially children that were present.

"The inhuman manifested on our land has got no place,"

 Enwe said.

Senator Enwe Francis Stands On Resolving The Anglophone Crisis

At a time when many especially those in government circles believe in the military option as a way out of the Anglophone Crisis, Enwe Francis is one of those who thinks otherwise.

"I stand for a peaceful approach to bring an end to this conflict," 

Senator Enwe stated.

To the affected, the member of the lower house of Parliament extends his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved and the entire population of Batibo and Guzang in particular.

The Two Victims Before Their Execution

It is worth recalling that Senator Enwe Francis is Vice President of the Finance Committee, Vice President of North West Senators and Co-founder of North West Peace Movement for the cessation of violence.

Society watchers say with very little being done to resolve the conflict in Anglophone Cameroon, many of such acts coming from all the sides in the war will continue.

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