Babessi: Flood Victims Abandoned,Days After Floods Hit That Community

By Raymond Dingana.

Reports from Babessi, a village in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region of Cameroon say, there has been no official statement both from the North West Administration and the Elites of Babessi; days after flood waters invaded the village on Monday August 5th, 2019. According to a native of Babessi village who voted to go by the name Ndangam, it’s been days since nature turned it's ugly side on them, yet nothing has come from the powers that be: “We have been abandoned, we don’t even have food to eat, portable water is also a problem, we don’t even have a shelter over our heads since our homes, more than 60 of them were destroyed rendering 48 families homeless, our children are falling sick every day, yet no one cares”. He ended.
Mohammed, whose relatives were also affected by last Monday’s flooding told DrayInfos ,he has been the one sending basic necessities to them after the incident: “Life in my village Babessi is becoming unbearable. The floods destroyed our properties including food stuffs. I have been the one taking care of my parents. I know it’s my responsibility but the government and the elites also have a part to play. The elites are in their comfort zones in Yaoundé enjoying themselves while we are languishing back home. When it’s time to talk politics, you will see them running their mouths promising us things that will never come”.
DrayInfos is also gathering on the grounds that, those in the affected areas of Chui,Mbow,Mbezoh and Abakwa quarters are now faced with health issues like Typhoid Fever and many other water born diseases which we are told are on the rise.
According to Momoh Dero Nyibeche, a native a Babessi village who spoke to DrayInfos , apart from the fact that the North West Administration habeen mute ever since flood waters invaded that community, the medical doctor at the Babessi health center had long abandoned his post making life difficult for the sick who are now struggling to survive in the hands of water born diseases. He also said the Fon of Babessi, HRH,Fon Oliver Tsodonebioh III has blamed the blockage of some drainages  among others for the floods that is also known to have washed away some 160 hectares of tilled land for  the cultivation of Rice, Plantains, Coco yams and Beans.

Worthy of note is the fact that, this is not the first time floods are occurring in Babessi. In September 2012, sixty houses were reduced to rubble rendering at least 95 families homeless when flood waters came visiting. DrayInfos is getting latest reports indicating that, Some elites have started responding positively to the sufferings of the flood victims. We are yet to independently confirm this part of the  information.[PHOTOS OF THE FLOODS ARE SEEN BELOW].

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