World Humanitarian Day In Bamenda, Special Focus On Women Humanitarians.

By Raymond Dingana

World Humanitarian Day 2019 has been commemorated with special focus on women Humanitarians. Commemorating the day in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon Saturday August 17, 2019, Specialised UN Agencies and their partners ranging from local civil society organizations to International Non Governmental Organizations converged at the Multipurpose hall of the Metropolitan Cathedral Big Mankon to present to the public where and how they can be reached, why they came and what they have been doing.
With special focus on women humanitarians, one of those partners to UN specialized Agencies that has been working with women is Plan Cameroon especially with regards to the socio-political crises rocking the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. Women Humanitarians working with Plan Cameroon have been very active in providing portable water, sanitation and hygiene to over 30,420 people in a wash cluster in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. The women are also providing psycho social support to some internally displaced children by engaging them in lively hood activity training. This is to ensure that, the children don’t continue depending on Aid which may not come again or all the time due to the ever increasing need for aid in the regions.
Despite all these, the women Humanitarians say, they are still some challenges to their efforts. The continues blocking of roads leading to hard hit areas of the region needing emergency humanitarian assistance, insecurity and the continues displacement of persons on a daily basis among others.
Mary Nyuyinui is UN Women Coordinator in the North West Region. She says:What the UN women are doing in the North West is supporting women and girls affected by the conflict in the region. We will make sure that we create a safe space for those who have been affected by gender based violence; support them economically because we think women most of the time are victims of gender based violence because they depend most of the time, so we want to relief them from that dependency by empowering them economically.
According to Mr. Tanda Theophilus of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UNOCHA, their role is to ensure that, humanitarian interventions are done in a coordinated way and has been in the North West Region since June 2019 when the regional office was created: The humanitarian coordination forum brings together all the humanitarian actors intervening in the region and this is done on a monthly basis. In addition to that, we help to make sure the vulnerable are reached and we push for that through our advocacy, we advocate for accountability to affected populations, we advocate for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the humanitarian responds, we identify areas where there are humanitarian needs, and advise those who are acting to intervene, then we carry out joint assessment mission .He ended
 The 2019 world humanitarian day was commemorated at a time when the two English speaking regions of the country are facing a humanitarian crises said to be one of the fastest growing humanitarian crises in Africa by the United Nations office for the coordination of humanitarian assistance UNOCHA in 2018. Other UN Agencies that answered present for the commemoration of the day were; UNDP, INTERSOS, COMINSUD, LUKMEF, CARITAS, Unicef, UNFPA, Medicine Du Monde Swiss, Doctors Without Borders and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

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Madam Mary Nyuyinui,UN Women Coordinator in the North West Region.

Mr. Tanda Theophilus, Coordinator,UNOCHA

                                                  Panel Of Discussion


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