“Children Need Pens, Not Guns”- Minister Mbayu Felix.

By Raymond Dingana.

The minister Delegate in the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Common Wealth, Minister Mbayu Felix says what children need from their parents and elders are Pens not Guns. He was speaking Saturday August 17, 2019 during an event to donate school needs to children of school going age at the old town neighborhood in Bamenda. The donation exercise that took place at the Ntambang 1 neighborhood Saturday August 17, 2019 brought together hundreds of children who went back home with financial support, books, pens and other school needs.
Talking to the huge crowd that turned out at the event, an event that was animated by traditional dances, Minister Mbayu Felix underscored the need for children to be allow to go to school come September 2nd, 2019, asking the question as to why children are used as weapons in the ongoing crises: “why should children be used as a weapon, no matter how angry one can be, kids should be allow to go to school. It is evil to stand on the way of the education of the children. Kids need love, not hatred, pens,not guns. Let us teach them how to play and not how to fight and steal .when we don’t send our children to school, we are not doing bad to any other person but to our own selves. Nothing justifies us using our children as shields. We cannot put our children ahead and expose them to danger when fighting, we should instead protect them and give them the best life can offer”.
Minister Mbayu Felix also laments over what he says are some of the bad things young girls are going through caused by school boycott: “We cannot sit and watch our young girls getting pregnant at 15; our young girls now prostitute themselves for 200,000FCFA, because they are not going to school, where are our consciences? We call on our brothers who may not be happy about certain things to allow children go to school, let  us leave the children alone and let them have their God given right, education is a Universal Human Right .If i am what i am today,it is thanks to the fact that i went to school reasons why i am pleading that children be allow to go to school”. 
He also said,his mother died forty four years ago in the month of August when he was still a kid and that, all what he has done and is still doing for the children of old town where he was born and bred are in memory of his late parents who did all to send him to school.

Other highlights of the day were the handing over of trophies to those who emerged victorious in sporting disciplines like Football and Table Tennis. Among those who attended the event was the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Songa Pierre Rene.  
It should be noted that, since 2016, the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have not had what many will love to call Effective Education. Kids have have going to school in hiding,many parents have sent their children to the French speaking part of the country to continue with their education while those who don't have the means have been forced by security challenges to keep theirs at home praying and hoping for that day when they will be able to send their kids to school as they did before the crises erupted in 2016. This explains why, many parents have joined their voices to those of others calling on the warring parties to start talking instead of the continues fighting which is only destroying the country the more.

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Minister Mbayu Felix Donating School Needs To A Kid

                             Minister Mbayu Felix [right],Mezam SDO[left] And Others


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