Two Girls Arrested For Assaulting A Boy In Bamenda

By Raymond Dingana.
Two Girls have been arrested by elements of the National Gendarmerie after a video of them assaulting a young man went viral on the social media recently.
In the videos, the girls suspected to be the ones in detention could be seen beating up the guy.
DrayInfos was told at the Cow Street neighborhood where the incident took place that, the guy whom the girls were assaulting has been using them sexually without their knowledge. 
DrayInfos could not immediately confirm if the allegations were founded or not. Asked why the guy did not run away of fight back when the ladies were vomiting their anger on him physically, those who said they were there when it all happened opined that, the guy was only a gentle man who did not see any reason fighting with women and did not want to take the laws in to his hands.
This was not bought by other who said the guy was guilty and did not want to fight back because the girls were more than him and that he would have failed if he dared fought back. Many have also asked the question as to why onlookers did little or nothing to stop the ladies from assaulting the guy. This is because, in the videos, many stood by and watched, with some recording the incident and making commentaries while the guy was being assaulted in broad day.
This is a developing story.

Watch videos below. Some of its content may show scenes not good for some people.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.


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