Blood Flow In Bamenda As Elite Watch From A Distance.

By Raymond Dingana

Anglophone Elite from the North West Region of Cameroon have continued to watch from afar as Cameroonians continue to perish. Despite the killings and the human rights abuses meted on civilians, they have turned a blind eye to the abuses as all we hear is, ''the situation is under control''.

Tuesday September 01, 2020, Bamenda II in Mezam descended in to a chaotic atmosphere following the shooting to death of a police officer known by friends and colleagues as Petite Bikolo at Small Mankon, around the entrance in to the catholic church by suspected Ambazonia fighters.

Police Officer In The Pool Of His Own Blood After He Was Shot In Bamenda

According to an eye witness who voted to be addressed only as Dickson the welder, colleagues of the fallen uniform officer went haywire firing indiscriminately wounding a yet to be confirmed number of persons around food market and other areas.
Road side vendors also suffered as their businesses were destroyed. Dickson told Drayinfos
Bamenda was forced to shut down as early as Mid-day as the gun shots were deafening with every one rushing home for fear of the unknown. Many were also trapped at the Bamenda Main Market and could only managed to leave with their hands up when the gun shots subsided for a while. At press time,many who were still in Nkwen in Bamenda III Sub Division that was relatively calmed, were unable to go home because the other parts of the town were boiling.

Bamenda Denizens Rushing Home With Hands Up Amidst Gun Shots.

The killing of the uniform officer is coming exactly one week after a soldier working with the Army Rescue Unit was also killed in Mulang Bamenda with  accusing fingers pointing at Ambazonia fighters.   


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Photo Credit: Wanchia Cynthia And Muma Jude.


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