How Anglophone Politicians Continue Sending Cameroonians To Early Graves.

 By Raymond Dingana


oliticians from the English speaking regions of Cameroon, have come under fire from the population for being the reason why Cameroonians continue to die in the NW/SW regions. According to a school of thought, the politicians are sleeping on the solutions to the crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions of the country, because of greed, and the lack of love for those whose interests they are bound to protect. To them, these politicians have failed woefully to protect the lives of their people as the war is not showing any signs of ending anytime soon.

Bodies Of Four Boys Killed In Bamenda.

Evangelist Frank told DrayInfos that, politicians have all relocated to safer areas abandoning their people to perish....“The unfortunate thing is that, politicians are very comfortable with the many deaths. Look at the number of Cameroonians that have died just in September, they will never come back, families and friends are weeping, parents are crying, yet blood continues to flow because Anglophone politicians don’t seem to care. Many of them have relocated their families out of the country or to towns out of the restive regions considered to be safe while those who cannot afford are left at the mercy of God. It is only in Cameroon and Africa that, war machines are used to solve a political problem. He lamented.

To Nanga Mary, many Anglophone politicians have constructed mansions from the crisis and are still amassing wealth reason why they will never want the war to end….“ if not of greed, how would people walk on corpses to be the mayors, members of parliament we unfortunately have today?  If they really cared about us, they would have pressed for an end to the crisis before elections. But because of selfish reasons, they did not care about the blood that was and is still flowing to hit the top,  she said.

As stated by Yuh Jerry, if some Anglophone political elite have never pressed hard for the two houses of parliament to have the crisis on their agendas, then they are the real Anglophone problem….  the Anglophone political elite are the real Anglophone problem especially those in the CPDM. Have they ever tried to see in to it that, the upper and lower houses of parliament have the crisis as a topic to debate on? I know they will cite the major national dialogue which failed to end the war because it was a dialogue- Cameroon style. To solve a problem, you talk with your opponents not your friends.    Yuh indicated.

The Anglophone crisis is still raging on according to many in Bamenda because, it has not been addressed at the right quarters and by the right persons. To them, politicians should rather facilitate the holding of a meaningful dialogue rather than standing on its way because their lukewarm attitude couple with greed and lack of love is sending the youths of tomorrow to early graves. Just some days back, a police officer and two civilians were killed in Bafut, a village in the NWR. These latest killings only add to the many civilians, uniform officers and pro independence fighters that have lost their lives in what has been described by many as a senseless war.



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