We Are Not The Problem; Solve The Anglophone Crisis-Bike Riders.

 By Raymond Dingana

Bike riders in Bamenda have received with astonishment the recent decision restricting the circulation of both commercial and non commercial bikes in urban centers.  To the bike riders, the problem is not then but the crisis which the administrations just like the regime has been shying away from the real issues.

"The problem is the Anglo phone crisis and not the okada sector. Solve it now and many bad things will go away. We are only out to feed our families and the many internally displaced persons under our roofs. Restricting us from circulating in urban areas is a subtle way to put us out of business .let the administration handle the present situation and see if insecurity will not be curbed."Chia said.

Tom, a rider we met at up station said, the powers that be know where the real problem.

"The crisis affecting the two English speaking regions of the country is behind the high level of insecurity. They know those that are fermenting trouble and where they are. Why not go after them, why come after us each time they fail in their duties to secure the town. We are suffering just like any other sector. They say we should work in the quarters, where the roads, some of us have listened to the city council mayor and paid for our documents, are we going to be using them but in the quarters?"He asked.

Others frowned at the NW Administration for always wanting to be listened to but hardly would they listen to them, the common man. They cited instances where they have cried against military extortion which they say have continued unabated because the administration does not same to care.

A biker who wanted to be addressed only as Ndi asked the question as to whether they were listened to when their colleague was killed at below foncha by a uniform officer. He asked whether the officer was arrested and prosecuted.

Bike Riders On The Day Of Burial Of One Of Theirs, Killed By A Uniform Officer At Below Foncha In Bamenda Recently.

The okada sector has on many occasions come under fire from many in the community for being behind the high level of insecurity in Bamenda. Bikers have always fought back saying, just like any other sector, bad seeds are always around.  According to a press release announcing the restrictions, security reasons were advanced as to why such a decision came up.

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