Armed Men Seize Church Bell In Sop

By Raymond Dingana

The Presbyterian Church Sop in Jakiri ,Bui Division of the North West Region has lost its aged old Church bell to those eye withesses say were pro independence fighters. Acording to Wirgo Godblesss,the boys came saying they needed the bell to produce war weapons and face those they called their enemy:

"There were five of them claiming to be seperatist fighters stormed Presbyterian Church Sop and collected the church bell in broad day. They said the bell was raw material for the production of bullets,"Wirngo said.

For Illustration.

He added that,they were at the same church sometimes last year.Thanks to pleas from the church pastor, they left without the church bell.

He furtherd that this time around,they came when the pastor was out for out station duties.


Unknown said…
Wonders shall never end. No respect for God's own
Unknown said…
What a pitty .Son of David please have mercy on Us 🙏

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