Covid-19 Bamenda: Sero- Prevalence Survey Launched, But How Important Is It?

 By Raymond Dingana

According to the Regional Delegate of Public Health for the North West Region, Dr. Kingsley Che Soh, the importance of the Covid-19 Sero-Prevalence Survey is that, it will not only reveal the Prevalence of the disease but say whether after being infected, one can be re-infected et al:

“The survey will first of all help us know the situation of the disease in the region especially in our context. Secondly, it will enable us know if persons who have been tested positive have developed immunity to the disease because ,the survey is going to be measuring the levels of anti bodies to Covid-19 to the subjects for whom the blood samples will be collected. It is going to inform us whether we are immune to the virus or whether after being infected, we can be re-infected,”   Dr Kingsley explained during the launching ceremony.

He added that, the real proportion of those who have tested positive for the virus is still not known because, they did not present with symptoms of the disease. Again, they have not been able to test more than 15% of the population of Cameroon. He said this is why with the support of her partners, the ministry of Public Health decided to carry out this survey in all the ten regions of the country.

 He furthered that, the survey will be carried out in Bamenda and samples will be collected from an estimated number of one thousand persons aged 5years and above from selected areas like the Bamenda food market, Commercial Avenue, Total Nkwen and many others.

Regional Delegate of Public Health for the North West Region, Dr. Kingsley Che Soh At The Launching Ceremony.

Questions were raised as to why blood samples will instead transported to Yaounde despite the fact that, the region has up to date laboratories. Responding to this worry, Edison Ajang, Logistician at the International Center for Aids Care and Treatment Programs, ICAP said, the expensive nature of the reagents that will be used made it so:

The costly nature of the reagents like the Elisa made it difficult for all the hospitals in the country to be equipped with it. They will only used in laboratories in Yaounde particularly in the National Public Health Lab and the Yaounde Central Hospital Blood Bank,” Ajang said, adding that, the CDC will also want a situation whereby, it will be able to monitor and insure that, all is going on well.

It was also revealed that, for the past eight weeks as at Friday 23 October 2020, the NWR has not recorded a Covid-19 related dead because of the continues sensitization, improvement in the quality of treatment given to patients coupled with the decentralization of the response because it was taken  it dawn to the districts among others.

The Secretary General at the NW governor’s office, Mr. Viang Mekala called on the population to massively participate in the survey. He also called on the Regional delegation of Public Health to report to his office any attempts to disturb the smooth functioning of the exercise along with others.


Photo Credit: Laarry News Room.


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