North West Population Encouraged To Consume Products from Local Producers

 By Raymond Dingana

The population of the North West Region of Cameroon has been enjoined to support local producers by consuming products produced in the region. The call was made by the Secretary General at the NW Governor’s office, Mr. Viang Mekala Friday October 30th, during the 6TH edition of the North West Regional Open Day for Research and Innovation held with the theme: Building Resilience In The Face Of A Pandemic, The Case Of Covid-19.

 “I want to appreciate the ingenuity and innovative skills which is a clear indication that, we have Cameroonians that are capable of many things. I will like to encourage the population to also encourage them by consuming those products because the products are natural and I have seen products that can help the population face the Corona virus pandemic. We just need to try them,”Mr. Viang indicated.

According to Dr. Irene Bame, Regional Delegate of Scientific Research and Innovation for the North West, one of the things they do to encourage the young researchers is organizing open door days for them to exhibit their talents. She said they take them to the national level to give them that very much needed exposure which also enables them compete with others. She added that, two years ago, the region won a prize at the national level.

Dr. Irene Bame, Regional Delegate of Scientific Research And Innovation For The North West At The Delegation.

Taling to the Drayinfos, many of the young producers said, the Anglophone crisis and many other challenges are on the neck of their work making it difficult to excel. To Dr. Godwill, founder of Gordybrown Natural Health and Body Care Clinic in Bamenda, because of the crisis, moving to areas in order to get herbs and other raw material for his products has been a daunting task. He however wished that, he would have loved to go in to mass production but because of limited capital, growth is hard to attain.

Gordybrown Of Natural Health and Body Care Clinic In Bamenda Explaining His Product To The Secretary General At The NW governor's office.

To Marie Clair, founder of KujaEcoPads, the unstable nature of electricity in Bamenda, the difficulties in changing the mindset of Cameroonians to embrace the EcoPads, lack of enough resources to go in to mass production and many others are some of the challenges faced.

Marie Clair, of KujaEcoPads Explaining How The Pads Are Produced And Why Women And Girls Should Go Them.

They have however called on the powers that be to help them grow by supporting them financial and also with resources that can take them to higher heights. They also made an appeal to the population to consume more of local products than goods from abroad saying, it will help young industries in the region to grow thereby creating more jobs.




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