Resolving Anglophone Crisis: What Ex- Combatants At DDR Bamenda Think

 By Raymond Dingana

Some Ex Combatants at the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Center in Bamenda have added their voices to those sounding the trumpet of dailogue as the only panacea to end the four year old war that has continued to ravage lives and properties in the North West and South West Regions.

Talking to DrayInfos, Tuesday November 10, 2020 at the center when the Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Peter Chenwi came visiting with goodies for them, they said the persistent killings will not bring the war to an end. They however indicated that, only dialogue can do the magic adding  that, it will permit other fighters to stop fighting and join them at the DDR Center:

“The only way out is dialogue, let the warring parties sit on a table and the separatist fighters should not look at the dialogue to be a scam or a trap set by government for them to be killed. The head of state has even seen that, there is no way he can talk with them if they continue fighting in the bushes,” he said.

Some Ex-Fighters ,Mayor Peter Chenwi And Other Members Of The NW Administration.

As stated by this female ex combatant who requested not to be named, those dying, be they soldiers or separatist fighters are their brothers.She also  prescribed dialogue as the way forward:

“The best way out is dialogue because it is not good to continue fighting because they are their brothers and sisters. If they continue fighting, they will continue to die and the military too will continue to die. Let dialogue continue so that, the killings can be put to a halt for Cameroon to start enjoying peace again,” she said.

To Paul, not his real names, dialogue has to continue. He said change is a gradual process and that; change doesn't just come overnight. He called on those still fighting to stop and come join them at the center.

 He furthered that, he is one of the oldest in the center and still alive  contrary to what people said about him being killed or was going to be killed.

They also called on government to help them with something doing since they heave there for some time now.

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Photo Credit: Tasi Peter.



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