Use Resources For Development, Not Buying Weapons To Kill Ourselves - Pa Ngufor

 By Raymond Dingana

Reacting to the recent killings of seven students of mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba, at his office in mile 3 Nkwen, Friday October 30, 2020, the Chief Executive Officer of Farmer’s House, Peter Ngufor, popularly called Pa Ngufor frowned at those he said are wasting resources on war machines rather than building the country:

Instead of using the resources we have developing our country in order that, Cameroon is made a better place for all, we are using it to buy arms and killing ourselves with. Does it really make sense? I don’t think so.  What happened in Kumba was a big shame to us and we should always be guided by our consciences before doing things. The earlier this crisis is put to a stop, the better for us all,”   Pa Ngufor said in a press outing.

Mr.Peter Ngufor, CEO Of Farmer's House At A Press Conference

He also said that, all those fighting against the government of Cameroon are doing so out of frustration and that frustration can never be checked by using force: “If these children are in the bushes today, I still think that, it is out of frustration and you don’t cure frustration by fighting but by dialoguing. When children are complaining, you don’t go to war killing your own,” Pa Ngufor furthered.

The CEO of Farmer's house also called for a thorough investigation to the Kumba killings and said, the culprit should be brought to book. He added that; let their time in court be made public so that, it will deter others from repeating such crimes ever again.

To those trying to use the Kumba incident for political gains, Pa Ngufor indicated that, if anybody is happy with what happened with those children, then something should be done to find out what stuff that person was made of. He also called on President Paul Biya to end the war saying that, whatever happens in the country, whether good of bad goes to him because he is leader of the country.

It should be born in mind that, Pa Peter Ngufor is one of those who have always said the things many in the Cameroon People’s Democratic Party, the CPDM of which he is a member would consider as taboo subject. Some months back, he told the press in Bamenda that, the head of state, Paul Biya should apologize to Cameroonians and announce a general amnesty. He is also said to have wondered how after burning people’s houses, food will be brought to them among others.



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