Archbishop Nkea Says Christians' Faith Greater Than Intimidation, Politics

 By Raymond Dingana

The Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace, Archbishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea has saluted the faith of the Christians in Bamenda. He said their faith is greater than intimidation and politics.

Welcoming those that turned out at the Big Mankon Cathedral, Sunday during imposition of the Pallium on him by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, His Eminence, Pietro Cardinal Parolin, he said their presence  was a sure sign that, their faith is greater than Politics and Intimidation.

He furthered that, the population was very happy to receive the Pope’s special envoy and that, their coming out the way they did was a clear indication that, the devil is a liar.

''The presence here today of the people of Bamenda is a sure sign that, their faith is greater than politics, their faith is greater than intimidation and a sure prove that, the devil is a liar.'' He said.

He also pointed out that, the people are happy because, in this time of crisis, they see His Eminence, Pietro Cardinal Parolin as a messenger of peace, an ambassador of reconciliation and as a promoter of Justice.

''We shall not waste the chance that your presence offers us to contribute to work for peace, justice and reconciliation. We are sure that, your coming to Bamenda will be like the rain that never falls without watering the ground, so too you will not live us to continue fighting but you will live us as a people who will start loving one another.'' he pointed out.

Archbishop Nkea also cried for the population whom he said has suffered a lot of a situation they never created. He said, thousands are either are internally displaced or have escaped as refugees.

He added that, businesses have been shot down, and for four years children have not been allowed to go school and have been used as a bet for political motives and struggle.

Concerning the Pallium that he received from the pope's emissary, Archbishop Nkea said, ''it represent the unity i share with the Holly Father Pope Francis and the power of governance i exercise in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda in unity with the same holy father which means therefore that,within this territory of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, i share the power of governance of the holy father and we work in close unity with the holy sea''

Despite calls for lock down operations to frustrate the visit of  Vatican’s Secretary of State, His Eminence, Pietro Cardinal Parolin to Bamenda, despite the seizing of motor bikes by some uniform officers that further compounded the difficulties many faced on their way to the cathedral, it was still a huge crowd that answered present.

Not even the machine guns and the number of security operatives both in military and civilian attires that were in church and around the town of Bamenda could cause the people to stay away from church that Sunday.

The event also had in attendance the Secretary General at the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who was President Paul Biya's personal representative with others from Yaounde and the north west administration headed by governor Adolph Lele L'Afrique. 

Traditional authorities also answered present.


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