CCMN A.G.M. : Brighter Days Ahead For Communities, Members

By Raymond Dingana

The National Coordinator of the Cameroon Community Media Network, CCMN, Rose Obah has said, 
community focus will be intensified towards choosing options that will guarantee Peace and Sustainable Development. 

CCMN Members At A.G.M.

She said, the population depends on  community media for information that will help them make informed decisions among others. She also pointed out that, CCMN will help to push forth the voice of the common man for positive things to start happening.

Rose Obah was speaking Friday February 26,2021 in Yaounde after the first ever Annual  General Assembly for CCMN that brought together delegates from all the regional chapters of the network.

"I think the community focus will be redirected towards choosing options that will guarantee peace, and Sustainable Development. They look up to community media to share information that can help them make informed decisions and also take them out of the quagmire of violence, unrest, and hate speech. Also, communities will be more involved in their well being and growth as  community media will help to push forth the voices of the common man so that more local actors and actions effect the much needed narratives that is cherished by any peace loving community,"Obah pointed out.

National Coordinator Of CCMN, Rose Obah

Obah furthered that, for the communities to continue enjoying the services rendered to them by CCMN, members who are journalists and those from the civil society family will have to continue building their capacities. This will help them to continue producing programs on diverse content, and also field actions involving members at regional and national levels where applicable and relevant. 

She also pointed out that, actions with local and international partners will continue for the growth of the network indicating that, effective communication within the network, harmonization of registration dues among others are taking effect immediately. 

"We are looking forward to ensuring effective communication flow within the network, harmonization of the registration and due taking effect immediately, while looking forward to the MOU with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. Also, the first ever regional and national elections of the network are built for November and December respectively and members are expected to effect the calendar that will be put in place to ensure all goes well. Aside from this, partnerships and actions  with local and international partners continue while the network puts in more efforts to have an operational office for the network,"she said.

It was resolved that on matters that have to do with elections, the list and in-person systems were left opened to be decided when elections are around the corners.

There will be no proxy and no accumulation of posts both at the regional and national levels.The aim here is to create a level play ground where all can assume positions and also contribute to the growth of CCMN.

For the sake of continuity, it was resolved at the A.G.M. that, members should Shun the habit of sending different faces to attend network meetings because it rather takes the activities of the network backward.

Members were also invited to take network meetings seriously, attend on time and follow the deliberations. 

This came up because, some members are good at entering their names on the attendance sheets, disappear and reappear only when it's time for 'items 11 and 12.'

The general assembly also resolved that, sharing of contents  that are not in line with the Principles and Values of CCMN be checked among many other resolutions.

The Cameroon Community Media Network is 90% community and 10% media.



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