Draufsicht Bamenda: Fake News,Destroyer Of Society


By Raymond Dingana

One fact that  disputing it is tantamount to saying sugar is not sweet is that, the proliferation of fake news has no doubt contributed in destroying the society.

It has sent many to their early graves, caused many others to be physically disabled and has also caused a good number of persons to lose all what they had ever worked for.

A radio and TV repairer at the Ntahbesse neighbourhood in Bamenda in 2019, had an accident as a result of fake news.

Mr.Nnwana left his native Bali Kumbat when news started circulating in the village that, the military was heading there to kill any male they come across.

On his bike to Bamenda, a military hilux appeared in front of him causing him to panic.

In a bid to dash in to he bush, Mr. Nnwana said he fell and break his leg. Till date, one of his legs is longer than the other.

In order to see in to it that, such incidents caused by fake news are curbed, Draufsicht which means Beyond the Horizon in a one-day workshop in Bamenda, fortified media and men women with skills that will aid them identify fake news both on and offline.

Photo Credit; Ndefru Melanie: Crossed Section Of Journalists At The Workshop

As indicated by  Godlove Dzebam , Coordinator of Draufsicht, Bamenda, the skills acquired will help heal the society from fake news as only authentic information will be disseminated.

"Fake news has caused  a lot of trauma,high blood pressure,fear and even death. When the population is feed with authentic information, it reduces fear that could lead to bigger problems. The people  has the right to authentic information. Journalists need competence to be able to identify fake news so as to bring Psycho -Social healing through authentic information," Dzebam indicated.

In order to wage a successful fight against fake news, the journalists were introduced to certain tools by the facilitator of the work shop, Ndum Vianny,Digital Security Expert.

"We  supported them with skills to establish if a video or pictures have been altered online or no. We can use revers imaging and do cross section information to see how well an information has evolved through the various media platforms," he said.

Ndum Vianny,Digital Security Expert.

According to Gnaukapasi Martial,promoter of Mnews237, it was an enriching exercise.

"I learnt skills on how to use recent technology to fact check whether an information is true of false. I also gain skills on how to establish whether a website is secured or not, how to improve on the credibility of my website so that it becomes a trusted news source."

To Fru Kema Paul,checking whether a Facebook account,profile pictures,online videos and images are real or fake by using new technologies are some of the new skills he backed home. 

Draufsitch also known as Beyond the Horizon is all about sustainable education.

The ball is now in the court of the journalists to use the skills acquired in other to give fake news a bloody nose.



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