Covid-19 Surge: Bamenda II Council Reinforces Barrier Measures In Schools

 By Raymond Dingana

The disinfection of learning institutions and other public places is one of the strategies adopted by the Bamenda II council to bar the way to Covid-19.

ElementsOf The Army Rescue Unit Disinfecting Schools In Bamenda.

Saturday March 13,2021, the Bamenda II council mayor,Peter Chenwi accompanied  by his councillors working in closed collaboration with the Army Rescue Unit, disinfected some schools in the Bamenda II municipality.

The campuses of the Presbyterian Secondary School,P.S.S Mankon hosting P.S.S Bafut, Government Bilingual High School,G.B.H.S downtown, Government Bilingual School,G.B.S and Government Practicing School,G.P.S Old Town were all disinfected to make them no go areas for the pandemic.

As indicated by the Mayor, this activity seeks to enhance the continuity of the acedemic year amidst the pandemic.

"We cannot be talking education without health.Education is the lone industry that we have. We don't want a situation where classes will be suspended because of the corona virus pandemic. We cannot be talking reconstruction when lifes are not protected. We have to protect the lifes of our children so that tomorrow, they can take over the country that we want to reconstruct reason why we are disinfecting schools against the covid-19. We are calling on all to respect the barrier measures to curb the spread of covid-19," he said.

The Bamenda II Council Mayor,Peter Chenwi In One Of The Disinfected Classrooms At P.S.S.Mankon

Brandon N.,lower sixth science student said, he was happy because if corona virus was in their school, the disinfectant will destroy it.

The schools also received Tap buckets,Facemasks,Cartons of soap among others to help them reinforce the fight against the virus.

The Vice Principal Of P.S.S. Mankon Receiving Anti Covid-19 Kits From The Bamenda II Council.

Given that the chemical used to disinfect the schools will not be effective for ever, the student population and the population of Bamenda as a whole have been invited to respect all the barrier measures put in place by the authorities.

The exsercise in pictures.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Tamandji

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