Fighting Covid -19: NW Governor Prescribes Stringent Measures

 By Raymond Dingana

North West governor, Adolph Lele L'Afrique Tchoffo Deben has prescribed heavy sanctions against those that are not observing anti covid-19 barrier measures. 

This was during a tour of some public places in Bamenda, Wednesday march 24,2021.

The aim of the exercise was to remind the population of the need to respect the barrier measures put in place by the government to help arrest the spread of the virus.

"After sensitising the population, we are now going to move a steep forward. I have instructed all the  members of the covid-19 task forces to start sanctioning those not observing the barrier measures put in place to hault the spread of the virus. We have recorded close to 40 deaths this month and if it continues like this ,we are going to suggest to the head of state to take more stringent measures including procliaming a curfew or some other measures here,"Lele L'Afrique said.

NW Governor LeLe L'Afrique Talking On The Dangers Of Covid-19 To The Population At The Nkwen Market Area

He however expressed the hope that, the population will take the advice seriously in order that,those stringent  measures are not taken.

As indicated by the North West Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr.Che Soh Kingsly, the number of infected cases and deaths is on the rise.

"There are weeks that we have been able to record 602 cases like five times morethan the number of cases we recorded last year. Last week we recorded 462 cases and 14 deaths in all our health destricts.Presently, we have 1403 cases we are currently treating.Bamenda is the epic centre because of its huge population.Again,you can't get in to any village in the region without passing through Bamenda," Che Soh said.

Regional Delegate Of Public Health For The NW[right],NW Governor, Lele L'Afrique[middle], President Of The House Of Chiefs[left]

Where ever the governor and his entourage that was made up of members of Regional council, the health family among others landed,many could be seen rushing to wear their face masks.Some used just anything they could lay hands on in order to cover their faces just the case of the Nkwen and Bamenda main markets.

This explains why face masks were not only distributed to them but worn on their faces.

Adolph LeLe L'Afrique Wearing A Face Mask On A Trader At The Nkwen Market

At the Nkwen market, the governor frowned at the authorities when he visited one of the wash hand stations.

The container was dirty and looked abandoned with no water inside.

The Abandoned Wash Hand Station At Nkwen Market Being Cleaned After The Governor Frowned At Those In Charge

One of the authorities of the Nkwen market said he they have been talking to the people on the need to always have their face masks on, but they have not been taken seriously. 

The convey also made a stop at the Presbyterian Bilingual Nursery and Primary School,P.B.N.P.S Ntamulung where many of the kids as vulnerable as they are were without face masks.

After a lecture on the signs and symtoms of the virus and how it can be prevented, face masks were destributed to them even though they could not fit on their faces because their faces were too small for the face masks.

At Catholic school big mankon, physical distance was a problem. Three pupils on a bench that is not up to two meters with many having no face masks on.

They too received face masks though with the same issues their mates at P.B.N.P.S faced. Tap buckets and cartons of saop were also handed to the schools.

The key message of the day was for the population to wear their face masks when leaving their houses,wash their hands regularly with soap and running water,respect physical distancing among others.

North West Regional Assembly President, Fru Angwafo III on his part indicated that, a community spirit which he says strongly identifies the North West is needed to defeat the virus. He said one thing about peace is that, each individual is healthy.

NW Regional Assembly President, Fru Angwafo III

It is now left on the population to join the fight against the pandamic by respecting all the barrier measures in order to stay safe also to call the number 1510 to report suspected cases.


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