Armed Conflic In NW/SW: Mezam Population Disatisfied With Government Handling Of the Crisis

By Raymond Dingana

The population of Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon have expressed disatisfaction on government's handling of the Anglophone Crisis.

This was made known during a workshop to present the result of a research on the impact of  the Anglopone Crisis on the North West Population, Saturday April 24, 2021 in Bamenda.

Going by the survey conducted by Charmers Media and Communication Consults (CHAMECC) in Mezam Devision, 96 percent of the population expressed disatiafaction with government's handling of the current war ravaging the north west and south west regions of the country.

Participants At The Workshop By CHAMECC

However, 4 percent of the Population of Mezam siad they are satisfied with the way government is handling the crisis.

Pie Chart Showing The Results Of The Survey

As stated by the Director of CHAMECC, Nji Blasius, the reason for the findings that had many question was because, the right information is not being dished out to the right quarters.

"Since 2016 when the crisis started, the population has been suffering because those who are supposed to be giving government the right information have been doing the contrary. This survey has brought the right information that will work to the advantage of the population and help alleviate their suffering," he said.

The government has come up with strategies to put a stop to the crisis, yet it persists. Members of government and their supporters have always noted that, the population of the N.W.R is with the government in it's efforts in resolving the crisis.

The recent survey by CHAMECC is coming to indicate that, the people are not satisfied with  the way government is handling the situation


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