Armed Conflict In NW/SW: Improvised Explosive Hits Police Van In Bali

Suspected Separatist fighters in Bali Nyonga have hit a police anti terrorist van at mile 84 on the Banenda- Bali highway. 

The vehicle was hit by an improvised explosives device,IED planted by the fighters in the early hours of Tuesday April 27,2021.

It is not clear if there were casualties or not. Those who used that stretch of the road Tuesday morning said ,they saw the damaged police vehicle after the incident.

The use of IEDs is gradually gaining grounds in the ongoing armed conflict rocking the restive north west and south west regions of Cameroon.

Many have raised concerns that, civilains who are non combattants may also b affected by these explosives as it has been the case on many occasions, reason why the strategy has always come under fire from the population.

Bali is one of the hot spots in the current armed conflict. The village has suffered greatly as a result of the crisis. 

Many military raids have been carried out to dislodge the non state armed groups but the desired goal has not been achieved.

The use of force is one of the strategies adopted by the government of Cameroon to break the back of the Anglophone crisis.

This has not gone down well with many as 96 percent of those that took part in a recent survey conducted in Mezam division in Bamenda frowned at government's strategies.

The survey was conducted by Charmers Media Consultants,CHAMECC.

Bali Road. picture Used For Illustration.


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