Armed Men Kill Fish Vendor In Mbengwi

 By Raymond Dingana

Shock and consternation is still the order of the day in Mbengwi, Momo Division of the North West Region following the death of a roasted fish vendor by those eye witnesses say were suspected separatist fighters.

NGUM as she was popularly known was shot at her business site Sunday night at the Mbon market by armed men. We gathered that, the armed men stormed the Mbon market and opened fire on her causing commotion as many ran helter-skelter.

NGUM, Lying In The Pool Of Her Own Blood After She Was Shot And Killed In Mbengwi, Sunday Night 

The incident occurred about a month after an explosive device went off wounding her as explained by this source who voted for anonymity.

"The bag of explosives was actually handed to her to keep. She was not even aware of what she was keeping and the identity of the person. She was wounded but the wounds were not life threatening. The guys came back after some days and warned her to stop selling roasted fish to uniform men on grounds that, they extort money from poor civilians and spend in her place. She told them that, she was only struggling to survive. They came Sunday night and killed her," the source told DrayInfos.

The source furthers that:

"The boys also shot a pork vendor in the arm saying that was the last warning before carrying the same message to another vendor telling him he will not be warned next time. They moved into Broadway bar and shot a uniform officer, who is the body guard to one of the senior officials in Mbengwi."

As the ongoing war in the North West and South West Region persists, civilians continue to perish.

The belligerents have always come under fire from the population for descending on civilians who have links with their opponents.

Many relatives of separatist fighters have either been killed, missing, behind bars or have escaped for their lives for fear of the unknown.

The situation is not different on the side of the Cameroon military. Young girls suspected to be dating soldiers or have any link with them have been killed, molested while many have simply fled. Family members of uniform officers have also suffered the same fate as a result of the ongoing war with many relocating to safer areas.

Those who want to see an end to the  war have not relent in their efforts as far as preaching the gospel of a genuine dialogue is concerned. To them, the only way out of the crisis is a genuine dialogue and not the waste of lives.



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