Armed Men Abduct Hon.Fusi At Wife's Burial

By Raymond Dingana

The Former Hon. Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah Constituency, Fusi Naamukong was taken away by suspected separatist fighters during the burial ceremony of the wife.

Photo Credit:Pedmia Shatu's FaceBook Page Hon.Fusi Naamukong.(Archive)

According to one of the mouners, a member of the Christian Women Fellowship(C.W.F), the boys well armed stormed the burial at Mbinfibie just when the wife had been laid to rest.

" They came just when we had buried our member, fired gunshots in the air, locked the gate thereby preventing everyone from leaving. We only left when they had all gone leaving behind the food that was prepared for mourners," she said adding that, Hon. Fusi was taken in his own car.

Mrs.Fusi Elizabeth's Casket Being Taken To P.C.C. Ntamulung For Church Service

Later in the day, we got information that, he was briefly held and allow to go and continue mourning the late wife.

Other sources have however refuted claims that, he has been released. At the time of this report, a source closed to the family said, the former member of Parliament was still in captivity.

Worthy of note is the fact that, Mrs Fusi Elizabeth Lum died on Tuesday April 13,2021 at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda after a brief illness.

In the month of March, a man was abducted by armed men at the wake keep at the Ndamukong neighborhood in Bamenda. He was released after a ransom was paid.

Bird Eye View Of Bamenda Town


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