Humanitarian Response: SHUMAS Assists Schools In Bamenda

 By Raymond Dingana

The Strategic Humanitarian Services-SHUMAS Cameroon has extended a hand of fellowship to three Catholic schools in Bamenda.

The covid -19 Pandemic that has dealt a heavy blow to schools, the lack of Science Laboratories in some secondary schools  among others pushed the director of SHUMAS, Mr. Ndzerem Stephen to embark on a humanitarian journey to assist the schools. 

At the ,St.John Catholic School at Foncha street,fifty benches were handed over to the school.

As stated by the mananger of the school,Rev. Fr.Afumbom Gabriel,the coming of the Corona virus Pandemic and the respect of physical distance was a great problem to the school.

"The kids were crowded in the few class rooms that had benches because the others were void of benches.This was hard on is because physical distance, a barrier measure agant covid-19 was not being respected.We turned to SHUMAS and in less than no time,fifty benches were provided. This will enable us to decongest the over crowded class rooms as many will now be transfered to the empty ones," he stated.

The Benches Handed By SHUMAS To C.S, St. John At Foncha Street In Bamenda

Director Of SHUMAS And The Mananger Of The School, Rv. Fr. Afumbom Gabriel

He added that, SHUMAS had also supported them with facemasks for the pupils and a toilet facilities.

At the St.Joseph Catholic Collage,Big Mankon,it was a well equipped Science laboratory that was handed over to the school by SHUMAS.

The Science Lab At St Joseph Catholic Collage, Big Mankon

The Principal of the school, Rev.Rv.Bornaventure Ndong appreciated the gift. He said many private schools are only struggling to survive reason why they don't have science labs.

School Principal, Rv. Fr. Bornaventure Ndong And Mr Ndzerem Stephen Of SHUMAS

Science Students Working In The Lab

Family Photo In The Lab

"Many private schools cannot boost of a science lab because they are only struggling to survive.That is why your choice to provide a lab to this school is a blessing to the students and their parents. The lab has brought excitement to students and enthusiasm to teachers.Many were thinking of moving out to other schools or switching to Arts,not anymore, Mr Galabe Richard was thinking of leaving the profession out of frustration for not being able to work in a science lab,not anymore since they now have a lab at their disposal,"he indicated.

SHUMAS also handed over a new structure to host pupils of St.Luanga Catholic School up station. The pupils were first studying in a small building not good enough to ba called a school.

Front View Of The New Block To Host St. Luanga Catholic School, Up Station

One of the teachers,Madam Julliete said:" it was not easy for us before the coming of the new building. Now,the teaching and learning process will be effective, the children will now be studying in comfort. They are very happy because they have a new school building, benches and a toilet facility,"she indicated.

To the Director of SHUMAS, the reason behind the gestures to the schools was because he realised that,many of those left behind are from poor homes reason why they could not be sent to study out of the region or out of the country.

Director Of SHUMAS Handing Over The Keys To The School Mnanager, Fr. Siani Edward

According to him, forstering the education and standing by the poor was his motivation thanks to support from Building Schools For Africa,a Non Governmental Organization.

More promises were made including a bore hole for St.Luanga Catholic school among others.


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