Man Buys Pillows In Bamenda And Was Shocked

By Raymond Dingana

A man resident in Bamenda who bought pillows at the back market neighborhood has removed old under wears, breast wears and many others from them.

In a video which we have not been able to independently confirm its veracity that has gone viral, the man is seen removing the items from the pillows expressing shock and disbelief.

"I slept on the pillow but could not understand what was happening.i decided to open only to discover underwears, breast wears and other pieces of cloths which may been swept from a tailoring workshop. I just want you people to see what we buy so that we can be careful," the voice in the video indicated.

Breast Wears, Pillow , Pieces Of Cloth Used In Producing Pillows.

Worthy of not is the fact that, back market area in Bamenda is noted for smart traders who will not spare any opportunity to play a fast one on buyers. 

Many have complained how the pay for items especially dresses but discovered something else when they got home.


If you buy shoes wear them and parcel the old once. If you buy a shirt, wear it and parcel the old one.

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