Military Vehicle Knocks Down Two Persons In Bamenda

By Rosaline Obah

Inhabitants of Bamenda,Regional Capital of the restive North West Region of Cameroon are still in shock and consternation following an accident involving a vehicle belonging to the National Gendarmerie and a commercial motorcycle. 

The incident occurred on Sunday 25 April 2021 at Ngengs Junction,a neighborhood in Bamenda. The bike is said to have been transporting a woman.

Witnesses at the scene said, the woman went unconscious while the biker sustained injuries.

An eye witness narrated what he saw:
The gendarmerie vehicle was on top speed. A bike saw it and pulled over while the motor bike carrying the woman was hit and and twisted to beyond repairs, 
narrated our source who opted to be anonymous.

Another eye witness who accepted to be identified as Tchoffor stated that, the incident was delibrate.

There is no way someone can convince me that the act was not delibrate. The military vehicle was on top speed and could have avoided knocking down the bike if the driver really wanted to The vehicle had onboard elements of the notorious Ntahbesse Gendarmerie. They are noted for reckless driving and this is not the first time they are knocking down people with their vehicles in Bamenda.

Another lady who didn't want to be named said, as the woman was being taken to the hospital, the soldiers started extorting money from traansporters along the stretch.

They were collecting money from them despite haven knocked down two persons onboard a motor bike , a clear indication that, some lives don't really matter.
Locals around the area have urged the authorities of the region to take action and bring the reckless soldiers to book.

Worth recalling is the fact that defence and security forces reportedly chased and hit bikes when administrative authorities restricted their movement around the urban center of the town.

 Ngeng's Junction After The Incident


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