Separatist 'General' Killed In Mbengwi

 By Raymond Dingana

One of the armed leaders of the separatist movement in Mbengwi has been shot and killed by the Cameroon military.

'General Dada' as he was commonly called socumed to the barrel of the gun in Guneku village at about 4:am breaking Friday April 16,2021.

He ran to a house when he was shot but was pulled out and shot again, an eye witness told drayinfos.

 "Many in Guneku have celebrated his demise including some of his fellow fighters who have always clashed with him on the kind of treatments he meted on the civilian population," Forje Mac, a native of Mbengwi said.

He was killed after burning the bridge linking Zem and Mbemi in Mbengwi,momo division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

The Bridge That Was Destroyed By  The 'General'Before He  Was Killed


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