Bamenda Main Market President Decries Attacks On His Executive

By Raymond Dingana

The President of the Bamenda Main Market, Mr Leonard Mbeh has frowned at those he says are trying to attack his image and that of members of his gevernment.

He was speaking to a multitude of traders who turned out to listen to him on what he said was an act of putting his life and those of his executive members in danger.

The President made the outing Thursday July 8, 2021 following a message that was broadcast on the 'Ambazonia Broadcasting Corporation ABC,' on Tuesday 6th of July 2021.

The message accused him of coniving with the Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Paul Achobong to seize shops in the market and hand them over to Bamelike people.

Mr Mbeh described the accusation as malicious and unfounded and called on those whom he said must have taken such information to the ABC TV, to withdraw it and apologize to God.

He explained to the vendors that the city council had as plan to demolish all the kiosks in the market and to replace them with modern ones.

He furthered that, he was never part of the arrangement given that, the executive of the kiosks line took upon themselves to be negotiating with the City Council and only came back to them when it did not favour them.

Traders At The Bamenda Main Market Listening To Their President

He also indicated that, his team met with council authorities and it was agreed that, the council will take a short time to construct the shops after which the traders will have to reaply to have them registered under their names.

"The exercise is to ensure transparency and that those who are tenants don't apply to take advantage and seize shops from real owners. The application exercise will go along to confirm with those who actually owned the kiosks, given that, there was already an attempt by some tenants in the market to use the construction to manipulate and seize shops from those who owned them," he explained adding that, this was the genesis of the witch hunt and blackmail he and his team are passing tbrough.

Mbeh assured all those who owned kiosks that non of them will loose their shops.

" I have always stood with my people in the market who voted me,and on no account will i decide to take their shops and hand them to other people because of manipulation. I am not that dirty," he said.

Worth recalling is the fact that, Mr Leonard at one time mobilized traders to come out and explain to the authorities why they were not opening their shops on Mondays.

The shop owners had unanimously told the city council that their lives and properties were in danger, if they open their shops on Mondays, a ghost town day imposed by separatist leaders.

 It is on this he said only the market people have the rights to decide on their faith in the market and not the market executive.


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