Head Of Bamendankwe Integrated Health Center Found Dead In Office

By Raymond Dingana

Shock and consternation is still the order of the day in Bamendankwe village of the North West Region of Cameroon following the death of the Chief Of Center for the Bamendankwe Intergrated Health Center, Anye Philemon.

Sources on the ground say, his liveless body was discovered lying on the floor of his office in the evening hours of Saturday July 24,2021.

Anye Philemon Found Dead In His Office  At Bamendankwe Village
The Deceased Medical Practioner, Anye Philemon

Suspecting he might have died of Covid-19, some tests were conducted but the results came out negative, Takwi, a native of Bamendankwe told Drayinfos.

At the scene to get first hand information on the sad situation was Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of the Regional Hospital in Bamenda and other health officials alongside some members of the North West Administration.

The office of the deceased has been sealed as instructed by the Divisional Officer for Bamenda I, Gilbert Baldena.

Gendarmes Sealing The Office Of Lt. Anye Philemon.
Gendarmes Sealing The Office Of Late Anye Philemon.

As indicated to us by a worker of an NGO that has been working with the said health institution, Anye was a committed collaborator and that, he has occupied that office just for about twelve months before joining the heavenly choirs.

The Health Center Sunday Morning
The Health Center Sunday Morning

Anye Philemon's Office Sealed After His Death
Anye Philemon's Office Sealed After His Death

He lives behind a wife, two kids, colleagues and other loved ones to mourn him.


Photo Credit: Anyi Collins and Takwi


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