I Will Not Take Instructions From Anybody-NW Independent Conciliator

By Raymond Dingana

The Independent Conciliator for the North West Region, Mr. Simon Tamfu Fai says, as an Independent Conciliator, he will not take instructions from anybody and will not dish out any to anyone.

He was speaking Thursday July 08, 2021 after taking an Oath of Office at the Bamenda Appeals Court.

"I will do my job independently in the sense that, i have no instructions to take  from anybody, i don't give instructions to people and I don't take from them," he said adding that, "I take advice, I listen and we can solve these problems amicably because the court systems are very expensive and our people are very poor, so we want to solve our problems amicably."

During the event, His Lordship,Justice Sokem Ngalle invited Mr. Fai to be a Peace Maker and encourage the people to settle their disputes out of the Law Courts.

"As a peace maker, you have to be impartial, straight forward and also ensure that, while trying to resolve the problems that will be tabled before you, you will not behave like us who are quick to pass a verdict. As a peace maker, you must make your children to understand that, it is more better if a problem is resolved in the family than resort to the Law Courts." Said Justice Ndalle.

Independent Conciliator For The North West, Simon Tamfu Fai At Oath Taking Ceremony At The Appeals Court In Bamenda.

He also invited Fai to bring to the realization of the population that, there is no way Development, Unity, and  Progress can be achieved without Peace.

On his part, the President of the house of chiefs, His Majesty Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih said, what they expect from the newly installed Independent Public Conciliator is Peace given that, he is a Peace Broker.

President, North West House Of Chiefs, His Majesty, Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih

Appointed by a Presidential Decree on the 10th of June, 2021, the population is anxiously waiting to see how the North West Regional Conciliator will perform on the job in the Peace Making Process.



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