Suspected Kidnappers Strike Nkwen Again

By Raymond Dingana

A man has been kidnapped by gun men at the Ghana street neighborhood in Nkwen, Bamenda 3 Sub Division of the restless North West Region of Cameroon.

Fobi Nchinda Vincent was abducted in the evening hours of Saturday August 21,2021.

Sources say, heavily armed men took him in his car to an unknown destination.

Archived Picture of Ghana Street Used For Illustration

Going by his names, many have been quick to say, he comes from the same family as the former MP for Bamenda-Bali Constituency, Fobi Nchinda Simon.

The recent case of kidnapping is coming days after Gen. Nka Valére of the Fifth Military Region in Bamenda said, the Cameroon military has killed five kidnappers at one of their main camps in Mforya Bafut, one of the epicenters of the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

There has been no statement from the family as to whether the armed men have made any demands or not and what their motives are.

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