Bamenda: Police Inspector Shot For Trying To Thwart Act Of Robbery

By Raymond Dingana

A police officer by name Garga Ali has been shot by armed men as he fought to prevent an act of robbery from taking place at Way Out Nkwen Park, Bamenda III Sub division, North West Region of Cameroon.

This was when gun men stormed the area targeting a provision store where they brandished their weapons and demanded that, the shop owner should empty his coffers in to their bags.

According to eye witness account, a man said to be  second grade inspector of Police whose only names we got as Garga is said to have grabbed the gun man to safe the situation.

Onlookers Standing Where The Officer Was Shot.

Garga, Police Officer Shot In Nkwen, North West Region Of Cameroon

As he tried to wrestle the gun man to submission, another emerged from his hiding and rained bullets on the police officer.

The sound of the gun caused commotion at the market as many could be seen running helter skelter.

"They were in their numbers with about three bikes. After shooting at the man, they mounted their bikes and asked the people to shout. No one dared until they had left the scene," a witness who preffered anonymity narrated.
"That was when the population started shouting as they rushed the victim to the hospital on a motor," he told drayinfos.

The normal hustling and bustling around Mobile Nkwen was transformed in to an atmosphere of pain and wailing.

Many decided to retire home for the day as no one could determine how the minutes would look like.

Sources say, the victim later died from his wounds.

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