Victim Of Mforya Military Raid Expresses Desire To Further Education

By Raymond Dingana

Ambe Lum who was shot around the abdomen when the Cameroon Military raided what it described as one of the main camps of kidnappers in Mforya Bafut is finally up and kicking after  several days of intense treatment at the hospital.

She was speaking Wednesday September 01, 2021 after recovering from the bullet wounds she sustained during a raid that left five kidnappers dead as indicated by the military.

After spending 13 days at the 5th Region Military Hospital in Nkwen Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon, Lum has finally regained her health and has left the hospital as she looks to kick on back with her life.

Talking to, she expressed gratitude for the proper treatment received as she now looks forward to return to school. 
"I will like to go back to school. I was in lower sixth science. I am pleading that they should help me because I really love school," Lum who dropped out in Lower sixth said.
Ambe Lum At The Hospital After Recovering From Gun Shot Wounds.

Quizzed why she was at the camp when the military came chasing down the kidnappers, she explained that, she was there to collect her school fees from one of the men who had earlier promised her.
"the man who promised me money told me he was a truck driver. When I got to the house where he told me to meet him, i saw him with a gun and that was when i found out that he was lying. I wanted to leave but he stopped me," Lum said.
When asked why she was rather going to collect school fees from someone else not her parents, a tearful Lum explained

"my mum is unable to pay and my dad doesn't pay our fees."
Looking at her on the hospital bed and the fact that she could move on her own to the waiting gendarmerie vehicle is clear indication that, she is now ok.

When Lum was taken to the hospital, she was between life and death. It was difficult for someone to say with all certainty that, she was going to make it.

When Lum Was Being Treated In The Hospital

Before leaving the hospital, she adviced her fellow girls to refrain from acts that could land them in to serious trouble like what she went through.

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