ANTIC Strengthens Capacities Of Teachers To Guard Against Cybercrime

By Raymond Dingana

The National Agency for Information and Communication Technology known in its French accronym as ANTIC has stepped in to build a solid wall against cybercriminality especially in the school melliue in the North West Region of Cameroon.

This is through a three-day-workshop currently taking place in Bamenda, chief town of the Region to up the capacities of Lecturers and Teachers of Information and Communication Technology ICT on Cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime in both the secondary and higher institutions of learning.

This is coming after it was discovered that most teachers lack basic knowledge on cyber security while some have been victims.

According to the North West Regional Manager of ANTIC, Ngwang YufenyuyLandry the main target is the youths,

"This seminar seeks to strengthen the capacities of lecturers and teachers to effectively teach the youths who are the main users of ICTs on the dangers inherent in the usage of these new technologies and adopt best practices to stay online," he said.

NW Regional Manager ANTIC, Ngwang Yufenyuy Landry

Family Photo Of Participants At The Workshop

Ngwang Landry explained that the teachers after receiving the training will then pass on the nkowladge to the students,
"This is to ensure that both the teachers and students don't not fall prey to cybercriminals or become pepertarators of cybercrime," he noted.
Areas like basic ICT and Cybercrime concepts, cyber security and the role played by ANTIC in promoting the safe use of ICTs and cyber security enforcement in Cameroon, how to identify and pre-empt cybercrimes and the legal measures to be undertaken by victims to seek redress among others will be handle.

Participants At The Workshop Venue

He also outlined some of the measures taken by government to arrest cybercrime in Cameroon like the December 2010 Law on cybercriminality.

On his past, the North West Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Ngwang Roland Kuven said he is expecting the teachers to share the knowledge with their colleagues,

"I'm expecting the teachers to get back to their schools and replicate what they are learning here amongst their colleagues get students to allign,"

Ngwang Roland Kuven, NW Regional Delegate For Secondary Education

He also intimated that, distance learning cannot operate without cyberspace especially when classes are disturbed taking in to consideration the present context of the Anglophone crisis.

Worthy of note is the fact that ANTIC has intervened in many areas aimed at combating personal data privacy related cybercrimes like treatment of more than 2000 compaints related to scamming and phishing since 2019, help citizens to be able to distinguish between fake and real Facebook accounts of Government Ministers by verifying 39 of such accounts with the assistance of ANTIC, just to name but these.

The workshop is holding with the theme" Teachers, vectors of cybersecurity best practices for an enlightened youth."


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