Armed Men 'Spit' On God's Face, Kidnap Servant In His Vineyard

By Raymond Dingana

Gun men suspected to be separatist fighters have abducted the Congregational  Chairlady for Presbyterian Church Ntamulung, Elder Nana Anastasia who doubles as the Mezam Presbytery Chairperson, Sunday October 24th,2021.

The act has been described by many as spitting on the face of God.

We garthered on the ground that the armed men came just when the induction service was over and refreshments were taking place at the PC Ntamulung  Multipurpose Hall.

All attempts to resist were futile as Elder Nana Anastasia finally gave in after the men brandished their weapons.

Photo Credit(WEB)

A View Of PC Ntamulung In Bamenda, North West Region.

At the time of this report, there had been no word from the kidnappers and the kidnapped.

The Presbyterian Church has not yet made any official statement on the matter.

All finger are now crossed as family members and christians of PC Ntamulung pray for good news to be their portion before the day ends.


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