'Bafut Arrangement' Behind Successful Project Realisation-Mayor Of Bafut

By Raymond Dingana

Taking in to consederation the level of insecurity in Bafut, one of the epi centers in the ongoing war in the two restive regions of Cameroon, the Bafut Council has indicated that, many development projects have been realised despite the odds.

Explaining the reason behind the council's success story during the council's Mid Term Evaluation Session, Saturday October 2,2021, Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence said "Bafut Arrangement" has lifted Bafut to where it is today,

"The temperament of the Bafut people is down, the level of insecurity has dropped. Now I want to tell you that, it is Bafut Arrangement and it is why we emerged second in Mezam in the execution of BIP project and third in the North West Region," he indicated.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence Of Bafut

He added that, the council has made the population to realized the importance of development.

Some of the projects the Bafut Council said it has been able to realized include those under Public Investment Projects BIP.

They include the rehabilitation of the road linking Nsem and Acheni.

The handing over of medical equipment to the Mundum Integreted Health Center and donations made to the poor and needy, just to name but these.

Under the council's internal projects, the Bafut council said it renovated the roof tops of Presbyterian Secondary School, PSS Bafut which is being hosted by PSS Mankon.

The renovation of the Police post which the Mayor said will soon be handed to the police. He explained that, the project would reduce the pain the population goes through to be issued the National identity cards.

Actions have also taken against the second wave of the corona virus pandemic among others are some of the achievements, Mayor Ngwakongoh said.


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