Historic Win For PM Dion Ngute As 13 Amba Fighters Quit

By Raymond Dingana

If there is one big achievement considered by many as historic on the visit of Prime Minister Dion Ngute to Bamenda, it is the dropping of arms by 13 suspected Amba fighters.

The young men lead by "General Scartter"as he introduced himself were presented to the Prime Minister at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue Grand Stand, Wednesday October 6,2021 on day two of his visit to the North West Region of Cameroon.

Gen. Scatter Speaking At The Bamenda Commercial Avenue Grand stand

Addressing the crowd that was at the ceremonial ground, Gen. Scatter as he called himself said they came to realize that, what they were doing in the bushes was rather driving the country through the path of destruction,

"What we were doing in the bush was destroying our country. We decided to drop our guns and join our brothers and sisters to develop the country," Gen. Scatter said adding that, "thirteen of us left the bush, we handed two Ak 47 rifles, three pop action and dane guns,"
It is not clear whether he disclosed their area of operation. Nothing was also mentioned as to the number of fighters that he had under his command when he decided to renounce fighting.

The Suspected Amba Fighters Who Said They Have Dropped Their Weapons

The Prime Mimister appreciated their decision to quit fighting and also encouraged those still carrying guns to follow suite.



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