Killing Of Child In Buea: Government Calls For Calm, Vows To Punish Culprits

By Raymond Dingana

The government of Cameroon has called for calm after an angry mob in Buea took to the streets denouncing the killing of five-year-old Caro Ndialle by a uniform officer.

Though the events leading to the incident are not clear, there is a school of thought that said the driver of the car was trying to park her car when the officer opened fire on the Molyko -Bwitingi stretch of road behind the Molyko Omnisport Stadium.

According to the governor of the South West Region, Okalai Bilai, the uniform officer opened fire when the lady driving the car refused to stop when she was asked to.

SW Governor Addressing An Angry Mob

We also gathered on the ground that, the lady was stopped and asked to 'settle control' and she said she was rushing to drop her daughter off in school. 

One of the officers on duty asked her to go and as she drove off, his colleagues opened fire killing the child.

The child's remains were carried by the angry population to the office of the South West Regional Governor, Okalai Bilai.

According to a video that has gone viral on the social media, the governor could be seen struggling to address the angry mob that was not ready to give him room to speak.

When he finally spoke, he said,
"The child could have been yours or mind. I am here fighting for children to go to school. How come a child is killed on her way to school? Be rest assured that those who did it will pay no matter their grades,"
He also appealed with the population to convey the body of the child to the mortuary so that she can be mourned in peace.

The child killed by the Cameroon Military In Buea

The Governor also invited the people not to give room for foreign forces to come in and cause more atrocities.

It should be noted that, after the child was shot and killed in her mum's car, the officer in question was attacked by an angry mob and mob justice administered on him.

The Vehicle that was transporting the child

Some sources said he died in the process while others say he is still alive.

The population is anxiously waiting to see if truly those who have a hand in the sudden death of the child will be punished.


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